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HDMI using laptop as second monitor

  highside 09:39 23 Aug 2013

Help please, I want to use my Acer all in one (win8) as main screen and my HP laptop (win7) as a second screen for photo editing. The Acer does not have VGA connector but has two HDMI one marked as 'HDMI IN' & one marked as out as 'HDMI Out' The laptop has HDMI. If I connect HDMI 'IN' to laptop HDMI the laptop screen expands to both computers but I cannot get it to work the other way around the Acer does not see/detect a second screen if I connect its HDMI Out to the laptop. Where am I going wrong? Does the Out have to be enabled somehow? Thanks for looking.

  highside 12:24 23 Aug 2013

Thanks, I reckon you are right I didnt think it out properly. Would it have been the same if the Acer had VGA? (which it hasnt) (Guess which idiot sold a very nice TFT monitor when he bought an All In One and now regrets it)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:25 23 Aug 2013

Agree, you cannot connect the laptop screen to the other PC as a second monitor as there is unlikely to be a "graphics in" connection on any laptop.

  highside 10:48 24 Aug 2013

If I get another monitor with VGA is there a convertor from HDMI (at my PC) to VGA at the monitor. Could buy an HDMI monitor but expensive waste when all I want to see on it are the edit tools/text of a photo editing program.

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