Hdmi graphics card help

  afro-samurai 02:30 17 Jul 2008

My graphics card isnt working with the hdmi cable it came with.Ive installed the latest drivers for it and still no screen.My tv doesnt have a tuning option on it so iam not sure what else i can do?

My graphics card is a nvidia geforce 6200.

Ive had it working before i just have no idea why it isnt working now?

Iam very new to computers so go easy on me haha

oh yeah and the vga works first time just the hdmi doesnt show no screen at all

  ambra4 02:56 17 Jul 2008

Have you adjust the output resolution of PC graphics card to the TV resolution check the TV

Manual for the correct resolution when using the HDMI cable

  afro-samurai 03:49 17 Jul 2008

Ive changed the resolution but its very bad for a 26" screen

iam running 1024 by 768 (bad i know),But it cant go any higher with the vga cable (which is what iam useing now)

  afro-samurai 04:22 18 Jul 2008

anyone else?

  nosharpe 09:12 18 Jul 2008

What type of TV is it?
The refresh rate on the TV is usually 50/60 Hz
Check that the graphics card is the same.

  afro-samurai 09:44 18 Jul 2008

k thanks the tv is this

click here#

  afro-samurai 10:01 18 Jul 2008

I just put it on 85hz (which it should be on)

but i still have no screen on the hdmi mode

the resolution has gone much better but the screen is really shaky

  nosharpe 12:34 18 Jul 2008

The TV supports resolution up to 1440x900
Reduce the refresh rate to 50hz.
I think 85 is too high and the TV can't cope.

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