Hdmi converters

  Danny Barnard 16:13 22 Jun 2009

Hi I'm looking to get a new monitor for my PC build. I'm quite confused with HDMi and Dmi. I know my graphics card supports Hdmi so thats not the issue I'm confused about monitors. If a monitor says it's Dmi or Hdmi is that in relation just to the socket or the actual combatabilities I have a Hdmi to dmi converter so could I if I had a dmi monitor use the converter to use it to do hdmi? I mean because it's confusing because many monitors quote having the 1920x1080 pixel ration but are Hdmi. I have a feeling the converter is only to be used on the connection of the graphics card but I'd thought I'd check. Also I'm confused with hdmi and blue ray. Do I need Hdmi if I am to run blue ray or is it I won't notice the difference between DVD and blue ray unless I have Hdmi? Thanks guys

  Danny Barnard 16:14 22 Jun 2009

I ment they have 1920x1080 but are dmi

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