HDMI connection between xbox and receiver is bad

  atlantablew25pointlead 04:17 21 Jan 2018

So I have an xbox one hooked up to my av receiver via an hdmi splitter. I use the splitter because I have the xbox one and a 360 that have to share the same HDMI port in the main receiver.(it goes xbox one connected to splitter via what I call cable one, splitter connected to receiver via “cable two”. Also xbox 360 connected to splitter via cable three, but this is mostly irreverent because I rarely use it and usually leave it unplugged from the splitter and when it isn’t, it has no effect). When I turn on the tv and leave the xbox off, there is an automatic blue screen which I interpret as no signal or no feed. Normally, i turn on the tv and leave the xbox off until the blue screen comes up, then I turn on the xbox. what usually happens after I turn on the xbox is that the blue screen goes to blank, a little pop up appears with the resolution and goes away after a second, and the screen remains blank or the feed is really ** up. In order to get a properly functioning audio and video display, I have to do some of the following 3 methods of messing with the set, with varied results until it works(this can get complicated and/or hard to follow):

Method 1 ) Unplug any of the cables(or both at the same time) from any of the HDMI ports and plug it back in.

The results of unplugging and plugging it back in include:

a blank screen with no audio(tv works because there is a little popup with the resolution that goes away after a while). Note that that the receiver is definitely getting some sort of signal because the screen switched from blue(no signal) to blank. Also, sometimes the screen stays blank even if I keep the cord unplugged.

the same blank screen but there is an audio feed that is good. Basically the same as the result above.

a blue screen(no signal), same as when I don’t even turn on the xbox. Side note that sometimes the screen only turns blue in the top left quarter of the screen with the rest just being blank as opposed to the entire screen being blue.

Another flattened video feed with no audio,(by flattened, I mean the video feed looks like someone sat on it because there are two black sections on top and bottom of the feed and the entire thing just looks squished).

or a good connection(the goal of all this, after which I obviously stop messing with the equipment)

Method 2 ) turn off the xbox and turn it back on

Results are always that the screen goes to blue (from whatever it was b4) when I turn off the xbox, and then the to the blank screen when I turn it back on. this method doesn’t ever work and I have no clue as to why I keep doing it.

method 3 ) Turn off or switch the receiver setting.

Results are the same as #1.

Normally it takes a good 5-10 minutes(2 on a good day) of mixing all three methods above until I get the desired video and audio feed. By desired, I mean that there is audio, and the video fills the screen and is viewable. when I do use the xbox 360, it does the same thing, and I do the same methods to the same avail. I am almost positive that this issue is isolated to when I use the xbox because there are other things hooked up to the reciever(blu ray player, Apple TV, direct tv) and none of them ever experience the same issue. This issue has persisted from the begenning when I first got the xbox one and my lazy butt hasn’t done anything to get rid of the issue

My question is where is the issue most likely to be and/or how to fix the issue(obviously). Or, besides reseting anything related to this(I have already done so), any other methods to troubleshoot the problem. Thanks Also please pardon my grammar and spelling errors, I am the type of person who grew up knowing how a car worked before learning what a noun was because both my parents thought English was useless in life and all you needed to be successful was math science and occasionally history

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