HDD3 on IDE2 with Optical Drive

  The Evil Lord Analogue 16:59 26 Sep 2003


I'm currently about to install my third 120Gb HDD into my machine. Ive used both the primary slots already and only have left the secondary slave. I've read that by installing a hard disk on the same channel as an optical disk (dvd/cdrw combo drive in this case) it can have a huge impact on the speed of the HDD. What I need to know is how big is that impact and although it may be slower will it be unworkable to do this?

Any help is appreciated.

  MAJ 19:12 26 Sep 2003

If your motherboard is an up-to-date model and I suspect that it is because of the two drives you already have in, it wont affect the speed of the new drive at all. Make sure you have the three drives on 80-wire IDE cables to get the most out of them.

  The Evil Lord Analogue 22:14 26 Sep 2003

Cheers for that. Just wanted to find out before i went and splashed out on my new drive.


  ams4127 19:47 27 Sep 2003

The devices on a channel must run at the same speed, because each IDE channel transfers data at the slowest speed of the devices on that channel.

So if you have your CD-RW drive (operating at 33MB/s) and your HDD (running at 133MB/s) then the data rate will be capped at 33MB/s.

It will work, but slowly! Not much point really!!

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