HDD working for 15 minutes

  Tycho 10:03 02 Jan 2005

My computer runs W2K. During the past week or so I have noticed the disc drive flogging away for extended periods of time and, of corse, slowing things down. Looking at the task manage does not reveal anything particularly illuminating. System idle running at about 60-90 on the CPU column and avgcc.exe running at about 15. I thought that it could be AVG doing a virus scan but nothing in the normal AVG user interface says anything about scanning (AVG v.7 BTW.

It sometimes happes late in the evening whe I want to shut down the machine. If I attempt to shut down then I am warned about the programme: WindowsFormsParkingWindow is still running and do I want to end it now.

Can anyone shed any light on what is going on?

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