HDD Wont format.... please advise

  Craigmave 20:17 24 Sep 2003

Hi there. After uninstalling Linux operating system from a 60GB HDD i find that every time i try to format the drive it crashes my pc. I have tried through windows, partition magic and dos but pc just freezes. Is there any way to get this drive from been useless. Thanks for your help.

  zanwalk 20:27 24 Sep 2003

Yes, there should be, if you go to the HD manufacturer's website, you will be able to download a utility to erase all data on the HD. These tools are manufacturer specific so you will need to find the make of your HD.

  Craigmave 20:28 24 Sep 2003

ok thanks rayburn i will certanly try that.

  Craigmave 20:36 24 Sep 2003

there doesnt seem to be anything on click here to erase everything on the drive.

  Bodi 20:52 24 Sep 2003

If you go further on the site to here:

click here

You'll find what you need for your drive.


  Craigmave 20:55 24 Sep 2003

i will try that if i need to, thanks for your help. I removed the jumper from the back of the drive and the drive is now formatting through windows, if this fails then i will look up your link and tick resolved. Cheers

  Craigmave 21:02 24 Sep 2003

Bodi, i did go that far and downloaded a program but it crashed the pc again. I think that this removing the jumper has sorted it out. Cheers.

  Craigmave 23:13 24 Sep 2003

Problem solved, removed the jumper and formatted from within windows. Cheers for all your help at pc advisor.

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