HDD in Win98 SE is in 2 halves (Partioned?)

  Giggle n' Bits 02:43 12 Jan 2003
  Giggle n' Bits 02:43 12 Jan 2003

Want to fully format HDD thats been (split in 2) partitioned in Win98Se.

The Floppy is A, C & D is the HDD partitioned and E is the CDROM.

I know how to Format a HDD and reinstall O/s but removing the partition I am stuck.

Preferably a easy not to deep in jargon help appreciated.

  mike_w 03:12 12 Jan 2003


Boot of your 98SE cdrom
choose boot off the cdrom
and chose to boot the computer with the cdrom supported.
at the A prompt type in 'fdisk' (without the quote) and hit enter key it will ask you if you want to enable large disk support say yes to that and it will give you 4 options and you will be able to delete the partion and format your drive
I tried to explain it as simple as I can
Hope this helps

  wawadave 04:06 12 Jan 2003

for how too on fdisk and format goto
click here

  Quiller. 05:36 12 Jan 2003


Hi M8. Just remember fdisk will wipe all your hard drive clean.

Simple really.

Option 3 main screen to get rid of partition

Option 1 main screen to build a partition.

So to get rid of partition pick option 3 main screen-enter. option 3 second screen and enter.

When done go back to option 3 main screen- enter then option 2 second screen and enter.

When done option 3 main screen again and then option 1 and enter.

To summarize to get rid of partition you work back wards in option 3.

E.g. 3-3 ......3-2........3-1...done

Mow to rebuild the disk.

Pick option 1 on the main screen and enter. On the second screen pick option 1 and enter.

This will now give you the option of making you hard drive 100% and make it active.

If this is what you want then just pick "y".

When done just keep pressing esc. till it ells you to reboot.

Now format in dos and load windows.

As an extra. To build the disk. You start with option 1 main screen then option 1 second screen.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:36 12 Jan 2003

for me it is anyway (Do U Sir/Do me Sir) to to learn some new tricks on an old pc I bought over Chritmas to play with.

Also big thanks to BSOD the Man, and also thanks also to Mike_W a new name in this forum.

Thanks all.

Just worried about one driver for a Cirrus Logic 1MB CGA Card with name Ciruss Logic 5446 PCI which there seems to be many ohhhs and arrhhs on the driver working at a number of download sites.


Will report back after finding a driver that will work before Proceeding with Format.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:02 12 Jan 2003

I have choose option 3 from FDISK then the partition went as expected but my HDD has shrunk to 516MB when it was originally in the GB's size.


PLEASE HELP, IS this the end of the HDD.

Also don't want to Format my HDD as I am unable to fins a VGA driver at present.

  BRYNIT 23:50 12 Jan 2003

As you have 2 partitions it seams as though you haven’t deleted both

Go into fdisk

Go to (4) this will tell you how many and what size your partition are. Esc takes you back

Go to (3) then (2) Del ext part Esc.

Go to 1 del prim part. After this I would completely come out of fdisk into dos and then re enter fdisk.

Go to 1 create prim part then reboot you will then have to format the hard drive.

  Quiller. 07:41 13 Jan 2003

Hi Ghost-in-U.

Have you done all the tasks in fdisk especially option 3, see BRYNIT post.

Part of e-mail from Ghost-in-U.

"Got myself an old dog pc to play with over christmas"

By "old dog system" could you elaborate as very old systems may be awkward.

Some have difficulty reading over 512mb, is LBA showing in the bios for that disk?

Also what windows version boot disk are you using?

No it is not the end of the hard drive.

Strange you wanted to fdisk when you had no VGA driver.

You are not under the impression that you delete the partition in fdisk. That this will be reclaimed by drive C, so you will not have to format? It does not work this way.

  Giggle n' Bits 09:27 13 Jan 2003

yet to look if LBA is set for HDD.
HDD is Dated 1997 but not sure on the exact Size.
Maxtor Model No. 84320d4 which I am going to search for details on now.

  Quiller. 14:52 13 Jan 2003

Most sites are coming up with 4.3 gig., one with 2.1 gig. Yet the maxtor site is coming up with 8.4 gig. click here

The 4.3 gig should be in bios.15 heads, 63 sectors, 8930 cylinders.

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