hdd will not format

  picklesy 16:04 22 Oct 2003

tried to format my hdd,process started after about 1 hour on the screen was trying to recover sector 29,654,then a short while after this was,format or reformat terminated then waiting for a promt. tried again same thing.anyone able to help please.

  Lozzy 16:15 22 Oct 2003

Windows version?? Bios Version?? Make and Model of PC?? Spec of PC?? all info received will help us to help you..

Please also state how you have tried to format HDD.

  picklesy 16:25 22 Oct 2003

me os.don,t know how to get bios version,make qtech.1200 amd athlon.what it,s got on the front of book is via kl133 agp set,don,t know if this is any use.i will keep looking for what you asked thanks.

  pj123 16:37 22 Oct 2003

Looks like your hard disk has "bad sectors" on it. If that keeps happening it would suggest you need a new hard disk.

  picklesy 16:44 22 Oct 2003

sorry lozzy didnt finnish what you asked to busy looking for bios ver.put windows start up floppy in typed format c:.i have bad sectors on the hdd.

  AL D. 17:25 22 Oct 2003

how old is your hard drive,sounds very much like it needs replacing, unfortunately they do tend to die and yours sounds like its on its last legs,damaged sectors can be moved out of the way on your hard drive and hidden, but its only delaying the inevitable. good luck

  Diemmess 17:26 22 Oct 2003

What decided you to format in the first place?

The reason I ask is because while you seem to have a faulty HD, it is just possible that there is something wrong with the Mobo/CPU/RAM (one of these)

It happened to me trying to load Windows on a brand new bare, budget box........After 3 HDs returned with huge bad sectors the firm took it all back and changed something. (I was never told what) All has behaved perfectly for 3 years--- (dangerous talk)

  picklesy 17:41 22 Oct 2003

my hardrive is only 2years old,on saying that i havn,t used that pc for about 8 mths.decided i wanted a pc that spent some time in my house rather than in a useless company,s so called repair shop.pc came with me os.upgraded to xp.pc ran better this way,giving pc away to my son he wanted me,children know better!so after great help on this forum i decided to format,and hey bingo this thread.thanks for all the help so far please keep trying.

  woodchip 17:50 22 Oct 2003

Start in safe mode and run scandisk, then try a reformat. but it should not need it to format. are you sure you are running Format or Defrag

  picklesy 18:00 22 Oct 2003

woodchip already tried running scandisc in safe mode stops responding after about 30 min.during this time got messages saying moving bad sectors so programs won,t write to this area,or something along these lines,then as i say stops responding.definetly running format.thanks for responce.

  keith-236785 18:13 22 Oct 2003

how big is the hard drive?

as already said, sounds like your hard drive is on its way out.

if the drive is large enough, you could partition the bad sectors off.

but now is probably the best time to buy a new drive and start from scratch.

let us know the size of your disk.

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