HDD Warning Event ID 51

  Snrub 14:35 09 Sep 2009

Looking in Event Viewer it shows a yellow warning triangle for hard disk with Event ID 51 repeatedly showing. A check of the hard disk with diagnostics registers OK 80% healthy on spin up. There are Hotfix methods for Event ID 51 on the Microsoft Help Line but relate to other versions of O/S and not XP which I am running. This problem is related to I/O disc response.
Can anyone help please?

  DieSse 17:25 09 Sep 2009

MS bulletin on Event ID51 (does apply to XP)

click here

and loads about it here

click here

You clearly need to consider that the drive may be failing - so ensure that you are keeping up to date backups.

To monitor drive performance you can load a SMART monitor, which will tell you if any drive parameters are out of kilter.

Google hard drive smart monitor for a variety of such programs.

I would be inclined to try a new data cable, too.

What does 80% healthy on spin-up mean in the diagnostic you ran? Should it read 100% if there are no problems?

  Snrub 11:02 10 Sep 2009

Thanks DieSse very interesting, I was aware of the Microsoft Help and Support which doesn't help for XP but the other link gives an incredible 33 pages spanning 2 years on the problem which still argues whether Event ID 51 is a hardware or software related problem.
If anyone can resolve this one they are a genius!

re: spin up, apparently as hard drives age the spin up time increases, when it drops to 60-70% this is when to think about replacement, or so Iv'e read. 80% is considered healthy.

  Stuartli 11:44 10 Sep 2009

See your other thread.

DriveSMART, providing SMART is Enabled in the Bios, will detail your drive's health:

click here

  I am Spartacus 13:24 10 Sep 2009

Install Service Pack 3, that got rid of it for me.

  I am Spartacus 13:24 10 Sep 2009

Forget it, you're not running XP.

  Snrub 15:08 10 Sep 2009

Hi I am running XP service pack 3. I have done a SMART check which comes up healthy

  DieSse 15:10 10 Sep 2009

Event ID51 is a general error - that's the difficulty. It's not a specific issue with a specific cause and specific cure. Many different things can cause it, as you've seen in some of the links.

So you got to work your way through some of the cures that have helped other people, until you find what's causing the error on your particular system.

At the end of the day, one poster said a new drive fixed it. I'm not suggesting that as the first thing to try - but you get my drift hopefully.

  DieSse 15:12 10 Sep 2009

PS the first link I posted does apply to XP - both Pro and Home - see the list at the bottom of the page.

What drive diagnostics have you run?

  DieSse 15:17 10 Sep 2009

PPS - If I had this problem, I'd start from the long link I gave - at the end of it - and try the various suggestions one at a time, working backwards through the timeline, until I found a suggestion that fixed it.

Ain't no other way, really.

  lotvic 17:22 10 Sep 2009

I suggest you run CHKDSK and see if that finds and fixes any bad sectors etc.
How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP click here

It's a process of elimination as error 51 is non-specific and could be any number of things, most of them are not that bad and easily fixed.

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