Hdd wants to keep formatting

  misters 12:04 14 Aug 2011

Hi i recently purchased a Wd 500GB HDD and after formatting it then copying some picture on it to watch back on my television via usb everything went fine, but then i went to plug it into my pc via usb to add more files. It wont let me do this unless i format first but i dot want to lose the files i already have on it. Is there something i'm doing wrong or is this the norm for these passport HD?

Any thing i could try would be appreciated?

Thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 12:56 14 Aug 2011

Do not format the disk!!!

Try and connect it to the laptop again.

Then use the safely disconnect method from the notification area in the low right of the screen on the task bar.

It is good practice to disconnect usb devices that way. Hot unplugging can cause problems.

  misters 18:57 14 Aug 2011

Thanx for your response i did that but it just does the same thing when i plug the Hd back in and when i press cancel rather than format it still doesn't let me add new files just keeps asking me to format.

Any more suggestions?

  northumbria61 00:18 15 Aug 2011

My suggestion would be to copy all your data to -

  1. Another HDD if possible to avoid losing it then format your WD USB drive to NTFS.

  2. Copy the data back to the original drive you copied it from - ie your PC or Laptop whichever you have.

My guess is you may have disconnected the USB drive without using the "safely remove hardware" facility or maybe when the disc was still being written to.

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