HDD to SSD data migration

  [email protected] 12:01 27 Dec 2013

Samsung 840 Evo for Christmas :-) Confidence check! Can I just mount it in my Desktop [with tray adaptor]and then run the supplied installation disc? Presumably it will show up as another drive and it's my intention to migrate my C drive to it. It never came with USB installation cables and I don't really think I need them, but...

  [email protected] 12:16 27 Dec 2013

*maybe I should have said "mount it in a spare bay with a tray adaptor etc" *

  rdave13 14:48 27 Dec 2013

Lots of thing to consider with this. It's usually preferred to enable AHCI in the bios first then do a fresh install of the OS for maximum performance of the drive. Have a look at the images in File Hippo, it shows iaStore-ok and 103424 k-ok in green. Mine shows amd_sata - ok in green as well as the other one. When I initially installed my drive I did not enable AHCI in the bios and they showed up in red and performance was poor. So I reinstalled with AHCI enabled. There is a way of doing it after installing in win 7 but I have not tried it.

If you are going to use the Samsung migration software then connecting the new drive in the pc is fine. Remember that once cloned then shut down and disconnect the original hard drive (I would remove it completely) and plug the new C drive in the first sata port on the motherboard.

A bit more info here. Good luck.

  [email protected] 14:58 27 Dec 2013

OK cheers. Your last para was to be my way forward. I haven't run the installation CD yet to know just what's on it; it's just that I have read the addional USB - SSD cables which sometime accompanies the drives are only necessary if you are doing the migration outside the tower/laptop. The big decision of course is whether to do a fresh install of the the OS. My gut feeling tells me I should but the nause of re-installing everything else is more than a bit off-putting. Thanks for the links :-)

  Woolwell 18:01 27 Dec 2013

When my SSD was installed a fresh OS install was used with OS and programs on the SSD and all data on the standard drive.

  alanrwood 18:38 27 Dec 2013

Using an SSD correctly is not a simple matter. Cloning a spinner to a SSD is not always successful either. I would suggest you do a search on Google for the way to achieve what you require as it would take up too much space here. The formatting is important and the offset is critical. Format in Win7 and it will do it correctly.

  BRYNIT 18:59 27 Dec 2013

You should have instructions supplied with the software on the disk supplied with the drive.

When I installed a Toshiba 128gb SSD last week I connected it as a second drive. As software was not supplied I downloaded and used AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition (Free) this gives the option to Migrate the OS to the SSD drive. After the install I went into the BIOS to select the SSD drive as the primary drive allowing the computer to boot to the SSD drive first when both disk were connected.

Note: If the Programs/files on the OS partition are greater than the size of the SSD drive you will have do a clean install or delete Programs/files.

  [email protected] 19:45 27 Dec 2013

Thanks everyone. The question was, do I really need the USB-SSD cables or can I just mount the SSD in a spare bay and do it there.

  BRYNIT 20:11 27 Dec 2013

As simple question gets a simple answer.

No you don't need to use the USB-SSD cable

Yes you can mount the drive in the spare bay.

  Number six 23:12 27 Dec 2013

Some very useful info:


definitely worth a read.

  [email protected] 15:09 30 Dec 2013

Thanks Number six. Good link. I found myself back here as the clone was unsuccessful. Everything went OK and cloning began then stopped after about 30secs with this error msg: "External exception E0637363" No problem with drives being recognised etc. Been surfing around trying to find out what this means and what to do about it. Seems it's to do with copying locked files (click here Loads of other stuff about Lynksys components but not relevant in my case. So lots to check up on and thanks again for the link as I never found it in my googling. I'll post if/when I sort it and if I can say for certain what the problem was. Happy New Year to all and thanks for the replies ;-)

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