HDD Space

  Gran 16:31 03 Jan 2004

My system runs with two 80 Gig HDDs, each with two partitions.
Disk 1 is causing my concern. It has two partitions, and the 'C' partition is set at 6 Gigs. It is the main system partition and only Windows XP Home runs thereon - nothing else. All my applications are on the next partition - 'D' which is about 72 Gigs.
Drive 'C' is showing that it is down to about 242 Megs free space. I cannot find where all the rest of the space is taken up though. From Explorer, et al, I can only find about 3 Gigs in use. I have Partition Magic 8, but currently it is giving error code 100, so I don't want to go there until I've sorted the space problem out.
Any ideas please? I'm trying to avoid a reinstall if possible.

  DieSse 17:07 03 Jan 2004

Set Explorer to show all hidden and system files, then you will see what's taking up the space, probably.

  Diemmess 17:53 03 Jan 2004

Do as DieSse says and try and find the most unreasonably large folder.

Having no experience (D.G.) of XP I believe there is a switchable backup (Restore Point. If this is on all the time is it possible that you are cluttered with potential backups which are not being deleted as they grow old.

Obviously if you can find the cause of this flatulence, then some change in configuration to move the site of the space losing stuff to a folder on some other drive would truly remove the tears from your eyes!

  Gran 20:31 03 Jan 2004

Thank you both for your replies.

I have actually enabled Explorer to show hidden files etc, but it does not show anything above the approx 2.5 to 3.0 Gig level which I already had seen.

Thanks Diemmess - I did actually delete the old restore points as well, but I'm looking to find a couple of Gigs which at the moment seem to be quite elusive.

By tomorrow, with my level of patience now at a low ebb, I suspect that a re-install will be on the cards. Perhaps I should have allowed a lot more for my system partition in the first place. And I'll try and sort out the P.Magic problem at the same time.

However, any more suggestions would be more than welcome.

Thank you again.


  Gran 12:03 06 Jan 2004

Now looking at other ways to solve this with Drive Image 7 and Partition Magic.

Thanks for the input.


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