HDD Smartsystem -Can I Disable It?

  holly polly 11:28 13 Sep 2003

hi just bought a new maxtor 80 gig hdd -excellent though one minor niggle when installed setup up smartsystem -must do it by default -is there an option to disable this?-as usual all answers greatfully recieved -hol pol...

  Jester2K II 11:34 13 Sep 2003

If you mean SMART then you can switch it off in the BIOS. If it is SMART why would you want to do this?

  holly polly 11:44 13 Sep 2003

hi Jester2K II nice to hear from you ,ru suggesting that it would be a disadvantage to disable this then?-hol pol...

  Jester2K II 11:47 13 Sep 2003

Well if you mean that you wish to disable the SMART monitoring i would say that there is no real disadvantage except that you won't get any warning in the future should the drive start to fail.

I still can't be sure we are talking about the same thing so if you can enlighten me as to where you have seen this - windows desktop, on boot up in POST screen etc i can be sure we are talking about the same thing.

I have SMART running on both my drives and as far is i am aware there is no problem with having SMART switched on.

  holly polly 12:15 13 Sep 2003

on bootup Smart system enabled and ok -think i will leave it on -thanks for the posting jester-hol pol...

  Jester2K II 12:20 13 Sep 2003

Yup that the SMART Monitor. I leave it on.

However don't take my word for it...

click here

click here

click here

  Jester2K II 12:24 13 Sep 2003

I would get this for your new HDD - click here - PowerMax

"The PowerMax utility is designed to perform diagnostic read/write verifications on Maxtor and Quantum hard drives. These tests will determine hard drive integrity."

Some people say SMART can give false readings. If you ever get anything other than SMART Enabled and OK then use Powermax to check the drive first.

The program creates a bootable floppy for future use so download and make one (or three just in case) so you always have it handy.

  holly polly 13:10 13 Sep 2003

ok jester many thanks for the links ,think i know everything i need to know about smart ,decided to keep it switched on-until it plays up ,made a floppy of the powermax utility many thanks ,think i'll post this thread as resolved =cheers jester see ya on the forum -hol pol...

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