HDD size limits

  stlucia 13:42 06 May 2003

I remember reading some weeks ago about various HDD size limits in BIOS and Windows, but I can't find it.

Please refresh my memory -- I currently have an 80mb HDD running satisfactorily with Win 98SE. That means that I've passed one of the limits (64mb, I think) without any problem, so what should I be able to go up to before I hit any size problems? Is 128mb the next one?

  powerless 18:28 06 May 2003

Are you sure you mean memory and not HDD size?

HDD size - 32GB

Memory - 512MB

  Ironman556 18:45 06 May 2003

HDD (in GB)

It probably depends on the BIOS versoin you have. The newer BIOS will probably be able to support a larger disk.

The other alternative is that you could have a disk drive overlay (DDO), which will load at startup and let windows use the full disk capacity. I know I get stuck at 32 GB, but I can set a jumper on the hard disk to limit the reported size to 32 GB, then use the DDO to use the full disk.

Memory (in MB)

This is dependant upon your motherboard. Some will take 4 x 512 MB modules, giving 1 Gigabyte memory in total, others will take more, and some only a fraction of that. The best way to find out is look at either the motherboard manual or the manufacturers website.


  stlucia 08:52 07 May 2003

Sorry guys, my original posting was garbage! I'm talking about HDD, and all the sizes I mentioned should have been Gb, not Mb.

I'm already running 80Gb with no problem, which means that my system has already passed certain threshholds (64Gb is one, I think). So, what I really want to know, is with that limited information is it safe to say that I will be able to upgrade to say 120Gb without hitting a problem?

  powerless 18:59 07 May 2003

Yes, the next limit is 135/137GB. One of the two anyway...

But check first.

  Ironman556 20:27 07 May 2003

If you've got a fairly new motherboard you should be fine, you may need a BIOS upgrade for an older boad or software to get around the limitations. See what BIOS version is shown at boot, and then check with the manufacturer's website, there sshould be a list of what your model supports somewhere.

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