HDD seems to loose power

  Shaun_753 23:54 28 Aug 2006

Whilst i am logged onto windows the hard disk seems to lose power (because i can hear the whirling of the disk stop) and everything will freeze for a few moments until it starts spinning again.

Sometimes when i boot i get onto Window fine, but other times i cant get past the XP Logo screen without the whole computer restarting itself.

Im not sure what the problem is with because i have tried two different hard drives and they both have the same problem.

it sounds an awkward problem but can anyone suggest anything?

  DieSse 00:08 29 Aug 2006

It's actually quite unlikely you could hear a hard disk starting and stopping above the noise that fans commonly make.

So my suggestion is that maybe you can haer a fan starting and stopping. On a laptop this happens all the time - on a destop it normally wouldn't happen (unless you have thermostatic fans, which is unusual.

So I would recommend you to look carefully inside the system, to see if in fact you can see a fan stopping and starting.

If it really is the hard drive, then put a different power connector into it - perhaps the one you are using is faulty.

Secondly look in the power settings and see if the hard drive is set to turn off quickly (it shouldn't be - unless it's a laptop,

  theDarkness 00:09 29 Aug 2006

if its all connected properly with no evil viruses running around etc then your power supply is most likely giving up if its ever starting to freeze the system or make odd noises

it sounded at first like your power supply just wasnt powerful enough to cope eg if you added alot of extra hardware, but if you only ever have the one hard drive connected at once then thats unlikley. although generally im sure you know if you have a high st bought computer and youve added any extra hardware (graphics cards, dvd or hard drives etc) you should always replace that cheap ass low wattage psu!

id try another power supply to compare

  theDarkness 00:13 29 Aug 2006

or do as DieSse has suggested :)
mine is obviously the last option out of panic! haha.
my last drive clicked a little and restarted xp on the odd occassion (once a month), found out it was on its way out

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