HDD Security

  jconline 10:07 29 Feb 2004

I've inadvertantly set the Security on my HDD to that of administrator when I put it into my PC at work (on a domain network). Now that I'm back home I can't access the drive in my PC (access is denied).
Anyway around this or will I have to just wait another 10 days until I go back to work.

  temp003 05:39 01 Mar 2004

If you use XP Pro, Home or w2k Pro, try taking ownership of the entire drive. Log on as Administrator or an account with Adm privileges first.

If XP pro, disable Simple File Sharing first (if not already), then right click the drive in question, select Properties, Security tab, click Advanced, select Owner tab. The "current owner" is probably shown as the particular Administrator account on the network.

Underneath it should say, "Change owner to", and then list out the accounts on your computer, which is in the format: [your computer name]\[account name].

(1) Highlight the account name you want to change the owner to. (2) tick the box for "Replace Owner on subcontaines and objects". (3) Click OK.

Then see if you can access the drive. If not, go back to the security tab for your drive, highlight the relevant user account or group, and underneath, change the Permissions. Untick all the Deny boxes, and tick all the Allow boxes (if that's what you want). Click OK.

Procedure for w2k is the same, except there's no simple file sharing to disable. Just go straight to Security tab.

For XP Home, you need to boot into Safe Mode to access the Security tab.

  jconline 12:26 03 Mar 2004

Problem solved by a friend. Booted up into Safe Mode. This allowd me to change the security setting of my drive to 'Everyone'. rebooted and Hey Presto I could see my files again.

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