HDD salvageable?

  Flopper 23:24 03 Jan 2006

I bought a Western Digital 250GB Hard Drive about 12/18 months ago from a leading European supermarket chain which often sells 'cheap' PC kit and only used it as storage, not really using it heavily at all and nowhere near filling it but now it seems to have died on me. I suspect a file, an AVI or VOB (DVD)file, may have been corrupted
When it is in my PC as a Secondary Master together with my Primary Master (main bootable) drive and a DVD-Rom and a DVD writer the PC will only boot up to the XP log-in screen and freezes totally.
If I have the faulty drive in on it's own and boot up with a Boot Floppy (Win98) it boots up to the black screen with the white 'graphic' at the top which shows what hardware is in the PC and it sticks there with a flashing cursor and will not move. My intention here was to FDisk the Master Boot Record, but I did not get as far as the A: prompt.
Any ideas, or should I bin the drive?

  [DELETED] 23:33 03 Jan 2006

Try downloading the Lifeguard tool and see if it can tell whats wrong with it. Its worth a try anyway.

  [DELETED] 23:36 03 Jan 2006

What make hard drive?

  Flopper 23:41 03 Jan 2006

What make hard drive?
Western Digital

  [DELETED] 23:41 03 Jan 2006

Western Digital, thats what he said in his posting unless I'm missing something.

  [DELETED] 23:42 03 Jan 2006

Sorry just realised I forgot the link for the Western Digital Lifeguard tool sorry click here

  Flopper 23:46 03 Jan 2006

Western Digital Lifeguard tool...looks promising.

  Stuartli 23:49 03 Jan 2006

If no luck and providing the outlet you bought it from is an official Western Digital distributor, it may still be under warranty.

Full details on the Western Digital website (WD changed its warranty cover in late 2004).

  Flopper 23:50 03 Jan 2006

The supllier is not an official Western Digital distributor and the HDD is probably out of warranty by now.

  [DELETED] 23:52 03 Jan 2006

As I said Flopper theres no harm in trying it and if it helps you get back your hard drive. Stuartli makes an interesting point too, could the drive still be under warranty, might be worth an email to Western Digital if Lifeguard doesn't work.

  Flopper 00:03 04 Jan 2006

Got this info from WD website after typing in the serial number.....No Limited Warranty: Product was originally sold to a system manufacturer. Please contact the system manufacturer or the place of purchase for warranty service...trouble is I cannot be exactly sure when I purchased it and I doubt I have got receipt...

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