hdd running in pio mode

  [DELETED] 18:47 26 Dec 2003

I have two Maxtor ATA 133 drives running on the same ide channel, the primary will run in udma mode 5, however the secondary (identical drive) only runs in pio mode. Dont really understand why this is so (use dma if available is selected). Backups to this second drive take ages and use 100% cpu. If I change the configuration so that both channels have an optical and hard drive, both will run in udma mode. Will the ATA33 drives slow the hdd's down if I keep things like this?

  woodchip 18:53 26 Dec 2003

It may be running like mine get aida and check it mine is PIO 4-UDMA 5

  [DELETED] 19:15 26 Dec 2003

For secondary drive Aida says max udma6 (ata133),current udma5 (ata 100), is it normal for secondary drive to run slower than first?

  hugh-265156 19:59 26 Dec 2003

is "dma if available" enabled in device manager?

try updating your motherboard chipset and ide drivers.

  woodchip 21:01 26 Dec 2003

You may need udma drivers from drive manufacturers

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