HDD replacement

  User-9F8AF0A3-F852-43C6-8A7B55A65FE9307D 16:28 03 Jan 2010

I asked why my PC needed several attempts to start & the answer seems to be that the HD is just taking too long to get ready. Would it be a good idea to buy a new HD & just copy the whole of the current HD onto the new one? Would I need some software to help or can I just copy everything over in the same way that I copy onto say a memeory pen?
System is XP Home, 4Gb RAM, AMD Athlon processor, approx 6 years old.

  howard64 16:34 03 Jan 2010

you cannot copy progs including windows they need to be set up. If you have a prog such as acrosis you can create an image of your disk and then put this onto your new hard drive. The only trouble with doing this is if you have an nasties or rubbish you get them on the new drive. If you have the windows disk or recovery disks which set you back to how the pc was originally this is the better way to go.

  sonicdj 16:55 03 Jan 2010

how big / old is the hard drive?
maybe it needs clening up or defraging
or reinstalling

if the hard drive is small and old
it may be better to get a new one

you can copy the old hard drive to a new one
using power quest drive copy
or any hd clone software

i have done this many times to backup and replace drives if you keep the old hard drive as a backup if have problem later with the new drive you can be up and running again in no time just plug the old drive back in

i downloaded hd clone 3.5 which is slow because it was free ware and had limtted copy speed but i used this on my new laptop it even copyed the hidden recovery partion

  sonicdj 17:09 03 Jan 2010

howard64 has a good point about nasties or rubbish
if you have the time ther is nothing like a clean renstall
the last few pcs that i have bult i installed
the operating system and all the programs on a drive when i was happy with it i then copied it to the drive that was going to stay in the pc so i have a clean install to reinstall from

The HD is only 40 Gb & I am pretty sure that there are no nasties to worry about as the PC works fine once it has started. I don't fancy the reinstall option because of all the time it will take to restablish all the drivers & settings. Maybe I will just save up & buy new & be patient with the boot up in the meantime.

  howard64 06:51 04 Jan 2010

going back to the begining we have not tried to sort out your existing hard drive. Have you looked in start - run - config.sys - top headings towards the right - startup. How many boxes have ticks in them? I only have ticks in my firewall, virus checker and graphics card progs. Once the ticks are out restart and put a tick in the box on the left hand side to not be told again. If you had many ticked boxes you should see an immediate speed up in starting as each tick is something else starting up in the background.

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