HDD Recorder

  prima12 09:41 24 Jul 2004

Hi all, I have a HDD recorder (Thomson DTH 7000e)
with a USB connection for a card reader, could I connect this to my PC via this connection, and would it show up as an external hard drive,could I then use this to download and burn a DVD via my DVD writer?

  jonnytub 10:34 24 Jul 2004

no harm will come from trying

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:59 24 Jul 2004

I don't know if this will help and it doesn't answer your question but I have a TiVo (also made by Thompson) and am in the process of connecting it wirelessly to my PC.

This will enable me to stream recorded programs/films to my PC and burn them to DVD(amongst other things).

Don't know if you can do this with your DVR but it's an idea.



  prima12 09:07 25 Jul 2004

Very interesting, let me know what you do, and how you get on. P.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 01:05 28 Jul 2004

In all honesty, It will probably take me a while as I can't afford to buy all the bits I need all at once.

If you are interested click here and go to the UK forum. There's loads of info, do a search for wireless or whatever takes your fancy.

Obviously this will only refer to TiVos though.

If I get mine up and running any time soon, I will resurrect this thread and post what I did if you like?



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