HDD Problems

  DMAN 16:51 07 Jan 2003
  DMAN 16:51 07 Jan 2003

Is it possible to lose part of your hard drive? Only I have a 20Gb drive that has been reinstalled with windows 98 now only saying that the C drive is 8Gb. There were partitions on the drive before that were deleted. I don't know what has happened and I would like the use of all the hdd. Can someone help me please?

  mark3110 16:55 07 Jan 2003

It is possible if you ran fdisk incorrectly click here and see if you missed something.



  DMAN 17:10 07 Jan 2003

yeah ran fdisk. Is there anyway of getting it back?

  mark3110 17:22 07 Jan 2003

Yes, re run it following the instructions



  BRYNIT 18:12 07 Jan 2003

when you ran fdisk did you delete all ext/logic drives b4 del primary drive and creating primary drive for full details
click here

  Diemmess 18:20 07 Jan 2003

You might just get away without another scratch start. Run FDISK to the point of seeing partition information and make a note of what you see.

For instance Drive C: must be already limited to 8 Gb and be properly formatted and made the active partiton, or else you would not have been able to load and use Win98.

What I think has happened is that you have missed somehow making the rest as an extended dos partition. (I assume you want the 12 Gb remaining as one partition. For simplicity let's say you do!

Its a risk, but you have nothing to lose except time, because you have only recently reinstalled Windows and still have all the drivers handy?
What I am saying is.... if you go through the fdisk procedure and can order an extended dos partition without disturbing the allocation already set for the Primary dos partition, then you might just get away with it and need only to format the extended partition..

If it doesn't work then back to square one and start again, but this time double check the partition information before you leave FDISK and start formatting.

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