HDD problems

  ArcAngel67 21:41 11 Jun 2008

I bought my Compaq desktop just under 18 months ago and just after a year the internal HDD died. We didn't know this at the time but kept getting error messages. Anyway, we took it along to the good chaps at PC World, who had a look at it and said that the HDD had gone to HDD heaven. They thought it a bit odd that it met its maker at such a young age, but apparently, these things sometimes happen.

Anyway, they fitted a lovely brand spanking new Hitachi HDT25040VLA380, which certainly seemed to be the light at the end of our dark and gloomy tunnel.

Well, 6 months on and we are having similar problems with our youngster. The PC keeps crashing. The event viewer tells me there is a bad block on the HDD. I have scan disked it several times, but still we have the same problem. I am in the process of running an extended SMART self test on the blinkin' thing - a short test came up clean.

Hmm, the test has failed, well that is something I suppose! I've got to wait for it to complete the other tests before I can tell what the problem might be.

We have a Seagate external HDD connected, which we use solely for storage - it seemed to be a wise choice after the first internal HDD died and we lost most of our data, so the internal HDD is purely for programs

It seems a bit odd that 2 HDDs now have played up in the past 18 months, could it be the PC itself? Or is it something we are doing/running on the PC that is likely to be causing the problem?

  ArcAngel67 22:12 11 Jun 2008

Well, the test has finally finished. The error code is:


Does anyone have any ideas what this refers to?

  Ditch999 22:17 11 Jun 2008

I think the error code means
An error occurred while attempting to stop the self test operation.
It would be unusual for 2 HDDs to die close together. Have you got good ventilation/cooling in your case? Do you have a good reliable PSU installed?
Download HWMonitor click here and check the HDD temp. Hopefully your HDD will have a temp sensor.

  ArcAngel67 22:56 11 Jun 2008


Many thanks for this, I have downloaded the temp, it is 42 degrees, a tad warm perhaps? Maybe we should look at this.

  Ditch999 12:43 12 Jun 2008

Mine runs at 34C. 42C should not be a problem as I think that 55C is the recommended maximum.
You can download the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test click here and run it. It will check the drive and also the cables.

  daveeb 13:25 12 Jun 2008

Until i started cooling my hd's (which are in a hard drive cage almost on top of each other) I got 5 failures in four years. Since I attached dedicated cooler fans underneath each drive i've only had had one fail in about 2 years. They can still get warm (up to around 43c) but much better than the maximum of high 50's I was getting previously.

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