HDD Problems

  kangawallafox 23:53 05 Feb 2004

My flatmate has a 30gig hdd which is causing him problems. When he runs scandisk on it it says the hdd has bad sectors...
Just for the hell of it, I put it into my computer and ran Nortons DiscDoctor AND scandisk on it and didn't have any errors whatsoever.
He's running win 98se and I'm running XP Pro...
Anyone have any ideas as to why 98se reports bad sectors and XP pro (and nortons discdoctor) don't register any bad sectors???

  hugh-265156 00:16 06 Feb 2004

not sure but if there is anything important on the drive back it up soon just in case.

maybe windows 98 is wrong,maybe xp and norton are both also wrong.not worth chancing it though.

try formating the drive and reinstall windows after you back up and see if its still living.read(somewhere??) that this is a good test of drive health if it survives a format.

  kangawallafox 00:23 06 Feb 2004

I used drivescrubber on it whilst it was in my computer to totally clean it out, my flatmate then put it back in his computer and formatted it. The format went ok, but when he tried installing 98se onto it he says he kept getting the BSOD....
I haven't tried installing an o/s whilst it's in my computer yet....
might give that a go next....
The drive is aparently a few years old so is more than likely cactus and very nearly fubar...

  hugh-265156 00:29 06 Feb 2004

try downloading the manufacturers disk diagnostic software and run on it from a floppy.

seagate click here for example.

  kangawallafox 00:40 06 Feb 2004

Thanks for that huggyg71....

the drive just happens to be a seagate too.....

am downloading the software as we speak and will give it a go once my flatmate wakes up......

  hugh-265156 00:51 06 Feb 2004

i think most manufacturers diagnostic software will work with most makes of ide hdd.i have a seagate drive and can use hitachi diagnostics with it etc.

if it comes up healthy and you are still getting the hang with error when installing windows then note the error code or message down exactly and type it into the searchKB box click here for info and maybe a solution. like click here for example

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