HDD problem on XP Home system - help!!!

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 21:57 22 May 2003

I have a system running XP Home which has 3 disk drives installed, labelled C, D and F (E = CD).

Up until an hour ago all worked fine, but then while trying to compress a large amount of files on the F drive the system hung. I waited and waited then reset the system. The system was slow to come up and finally ran a full scan of F: from a light blue screen. This found a few errors then dropped out, and the system booted up okay.

When I click on My Computer, F: is no longer visible. I rebooted and checked the BIOS. This shows the device as being okay (a 60Gb Maxtor). All boot-ups take 3-4 minutes with lots of disk activity. I then log on as administrator and look in the Device Manager. This shows all 3 hard disks. If I then go into Computer Management and click on Disk Management, this only shows 2 disks.

How do I recover the 3rd disk? As the BIOS and Device Manager can see it, is it okay?

I even tried an uninstall of the device and then ran the Add New Hardware wizard. This came up saying that a 60Gb Maxtor drive had been installed okay.

HELP !!!!!!!

Thanks in advance


I forgot to add that the 60Gb disk is the slave on the secondary IDE chain. The DVD drive is the Master. I have just used the DVD drive without any problems.

I searched for fdisk to see if that could help, but it doesn't exist on XP.

  OneSirKnight 22:05 22 May 2003

use CHKDSK instead

That just checked the C: drive. or D: drive

F: doesn't exist at the moment in any way.

How do I get the disk to show in Disk Management so that I can format it?

  OneSirKnight 22:21 22 May 2003
  OneSirKnight 22:23 22 May 2003

Add his site to your favourites,very handy
click here


When I open My Computer all I see is C: and D: The 60Gb drive that used to be F: ISN'T visible.

Any ideas, or should I send it back to DABS for a replacement?

The unit was only brought 6 months ago!

Isn't there any way in XP of doing something similar to fdisk on the drive before doing a format?

I'm just glad that I had a backup of all the data on there. Phew !!!

  Ironman556 22:58 22 May 2003

If it's a Seagate go to their website and download the tools. You may need to update your MBR to stop problems with windows and large drives, although you should be ok with XP.

  BigMoFoT 01:23 23 May 2003

Check in the event viewer under system in computer management and that will tell you the errors on the HDD

I tried booting up with a 98 Boot Disk which had fdisk on it. After a few complaints it took me to the prompt and I was able to run the fdisk command. This showed all 3 disks.

I selected disk 3 and this had no partitions on it. The Verify of the disk took for ages on 0%, went to 83% then back to 0% then completed okay.

I then requested that the system create a partition on the disk. Again the Verify took for ages on 0%, went to 83% then back to 0% before starting to count up again.

By now I had run out of time and had to come to work, so I booted up to XP as normal so that my kids could use the PC during the day.

If I let the 98 fdisk run through do you think that this will cure the problem?

To stop the system hanging on boot-up I have disabled the disk from within the Device Manager for now. If I select Enable it takes about 5 mins before the system removes the x from the Device Manager item. It then shows as okay.

Help !!!

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