HDD problem...

  DannyK 22:37 14 Jan 2003
  DannyK 22:37 14 Jan 2003

Posted earlier re: winXp install.
Now i have a straight forward HDD problem.
If i switch my PC on with my HDD connected, the fans come on & thats as far as it goes with no activity at all from my HDD.
If i start it up with the HDD disconnected from the ribbon, it recognises the cd-rom, the HDD purrs into life but stops there obviously as its not connected. These problems are really wearing me down & I wuld appreciate some help...


  Rtus 22:41 14 Jan 2003

Are you refering to the disconecting the IDE cable to this HD then the rest boots up comes to life including the hard drive spinning up or ?

  spaciousmonti 22:43 14 Jan 2003

This sounds like a boot up problem. when you connect the HDD and boot it will detect this first, there is obviously a problem with your HDD if it wont boot, or its just not prepared. When you start up without the hdd installed the bios detects no hdd to boot from and tries else where, ie your cdrooms and floppy.
Go into your bios and change the boot seek up list so it will boot from your cdrom first, then install your hdd, boot up with your os disk in the cdrom and install from there.

Hope this helps.

  Rtus 22:46 14 Jan 2003

could I suggest you check the Hd IDE cable for being correctly aligned tracer (red line or blue line) goes to closest to power plug on hard drive connectors.and that you have pin 1 aligned on the mobo IDE connector. and that the drive is configured as master on the Ide port and is jumpered to suit.

  Rtus 22:49 14 Jan 2003

link to other thread..
click here

  DannyK 22:50 14 Jan 2003

If the HDD is connected with the ribbon & power lead, then just the fan comes on. If i disconnect the ribbon from the HDD or the motherboard, the HDD whirrs away but because nothing is connected, the screen stays blank.
Can't get into the bios...


  Rtus 22:57 14 Jan 2003

OK ..Could you try a boot floppy in the A: drive see if it will boot without the Hd IDE and power lead attached ,,Why cant you access the bios ?

  Rtus 22:59 14 Jan 2003

Hang on a Mo Your clean install Did you Fdisk? and reinstall O/S . another point did your old unit have drive overlay software in use?

  DannyK 23:06 14 Jan 2003

Rtus:thanks for responding..
doesn't even get to the floppy stage, even with HDD not attached..nor the bios display...

  Rtus 23:18 14 Jan 2003

OK then do a couple of checks Power down then reseat the DDR memory strip.. Check all cables to case are correctly configured then the CPU fan is on correct fan header. unplug all drives and power leads except for floppy boot up and try to enter bios by pressing delete key as its starting up .lets know what happens .oh also check the System speakers attached,should hear any beep codes if there are any.

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