HDD problem

  losthdd 07:24 27 Oct 2013

I got a deal that i pay 100$ and give my old pc and get new one... My old PC had ANTEC case so i decided that i want to keep it (case) so i swapped PC internals ( my old Phenom X4 955 asus motherboard ) with ( i7 MSI ) but i kept the old HDD drives. Swapped internelas everything was fine, then booted up PC uninstalled all drivers, then windows started to crash and so on and so on.. now im getting blue screen and STOP codes 0x0000005C, 0x0000007e, 0x80fe0000... what would be my best option, i chekced connections removed card, swaped ram 100 times... :(

would be thankful for your help!!

  chub_tor 17:04 27 Oct 2013

Can you boot into Safe Mode? Click here to see how

If not then you need to boot to WinRE and run chkdsk from a command prompt:

  1. Tap F8 during startup to get to the Startup Options menu.
  2. Choose Repair Windows.
  3. After choosing the location and logging on, click on the Command Prompt option.
  4. Type the following command followed by the ENTER key:


  1. Let CHKDSK run to completion. It may take some time so be patient and do not restart the computer while it is running.

  2. When CHKDSK has completed, restart and see if you can get into normal and/or safe mode.

  Press Man 17:28 27 Oct 2013


If I understand your question correctly,then I would think that because you have kept the HDD's from your previous setup Windows still has registry entries for your old Motherboard and Processor etc, and doesn't recognise your new hardware? I guess a fresh install of Windows and the new Motherboard and Processor drivers will be required. I am sure that will correct your issues? If not, I am sure someone will put you on the right track!

  woodchip 18:06 27 Oct 2013

Its hard to tell you as you have changed all the configuration, your best bet would be to start PC with your Windows CD and do a repair

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