jayc1977 19:33 10 Jun 2010


I have a dell inspiron 910 that wont boot into the os. After post it gives an error saying a disk error occured. I ran the diagnostic tools and get the error code 0F00:0244 i'm thinking the hdd is done, it's a solid state drive by the way! I'm thinking of getting a new hdd for it but will I be able to clone the old hdd so I dont need to get a new os as I dont have the disc and also copy some files over?

Thanks for any replies!

  MAT ALAN 20:10 10 Jun 2010

Error message sugests your HDD is dying, so getting a new one asap might be the way to go.

You could attach your old HDD as a slave and try and recover your files with a recovery program.
Safest and most sensible solution to further issues would be to buy an O/S so you can format and reinstall if you need to.
Any important files you might want to BACK UP to a removable media or the likes so you are protected for any type of failure...

  jayc1977 20:49 10 Jun 2010

Thanks MAT ALAN,

Been looking around and all seems to point to the dying hdd. I'm actually doing this for a friend so trying to keep costs to a minimum so hoping not to buy another os as will need to get a converter for the ssd! I've never actually cloned a drive before so I'm guessing here and think I'll need to clone the dead drive to my pc c: then clone from pc c: to the new ssd as the only converter's I can find only support one ssd at a time to a sata interface!!!


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