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  [DELETED] 07:56 28 Apr 2006

Hello. Ok, i have just bought a brand new 200gb HDD. Its for extra storage to my laptop, so its external and plugs into a mains operated usb caddy. When i plug the device in, it worked first time and i atempted to partition it and format the drive but it didnt work. Now when i switch the device on i get the windows chime that a device has been connected but it just doesnt show up. I have tried restarting, changeing the cable but still no luck. I have been into PC managment and had a look in disk drives but still nothing there. I have also recently started getting a virus alert that Norton can not delete. Its called svchost, could this be anything to do with my device not being recognised ??

I am desperate to get this new HDD working so that i can backup and format my main C:

Please can someone help in this situation ?

Thanks, Craig.

  xania 09:24 28 Apr 2006

So far as svchost is concerned, this is not a virus click here. You don't mention an operating system so I'll assume that the hardware came with adriver that you had to install. This could be faulty, or installed badly. Either way, you need to uninstall it. Go to System properties (there are different ways to get to this depending on your version of Windows you are using), and then look for Device Manager. Now look for your new HDD (you may well find that it has an exclamation mark against it indicating a problem), highlight it and delte it using the keyboard delete key. Reboot you computer and the new device will be found and the drivers will be reinstalled. If this does not work, you may well have a faulty drive, but first get in touch with the manufacturer technical support to see if they have any answers.

  xania 09:30 28 Apr 2006

Update. I have found a virus that could be causing your problem. click here
advises a virus and suggests you delete this file which will then damage Windows itself. However, I still doubt that this is causing the HHD problem so you may still need to do as suggested above.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:15 28 Apr 2006

Start - run -type diskmngmt.msc press ok
does you external drive apeear here in disk management?

If not then uninstall everthing under the heading USB in device manager. and reboot with the drive plugged in and switched on let XP find and install all new hardware. Does it appear now?

  [DELETED] 22:33 28 Apr 2006

Hi there. I uninstalled the device under USB settings, then switched it back on. It installed and then it appeared. I formatted it as it needed doing and then went to work. While i was out the missus said the pc crashed and now its not there again. I am sure that this pop up saying that i have a virus called svchost has something to do with it. I know its not a viurs but every time that i switch my ext drive on this pop up appears. Could this be ???

  [DELETED] 22:35 28 Apr 2006

I only unintsalled the mass device under USB, should i uninstall everything ? i have four USB on my laptop and am running XP...

  [DELETED] 22:55 28 Apr 2006

Do you think that it could be the caddy that the HDD is plugged into ?

Windows XP, recognises that there is mass storage (200gb) switched on, but still it wont show the drive letter, or under disk managment. I have tried two different cables so its not that. hmmmm, i may have to take my laptop and hdd and caddy into my local pc shop. Its not just the HDD that its doing it too. I tried an 80 and 60gb but still no luck.


  xania 16:31 29 Apr 2006

See my second posting - it looks like you doi have a virus. Get rid of this first and then worry about the other problem if it still exists.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:38 29 Apr 2006

only unintsalled the mass device under USB, should i uninstall everything ? i have four USB on my laptop and am running XP...


The problem is with your USB conections / drivers not your HDD or caddy.

  [DELETED] 14:51 30 Apr 2006

Hello. I wiped my laptop clean last night, did a full re formai, it needed doing anyway. I still have the same problem. I thought that i was getting somewhere when the drive showed up, i formatted it but just at the end it said that windows could not complete the task. So i went onto Western Digital web site and downloaded a program called the Data Lifeguard Tool, this program was asociated with the HDD model number. Anyway from here i could partition and format the HDD. It showed up in the My Computer and on disc managment. I turned the HDD off, and then back on again, Windows played the chime as if a device had been connected but it just did not show up. The device is also in the USB device manager under mass storage and i might add the when the HDD did show up only 64% was free, whats on the other 36% of the drive ???

Why is this drive not showing up ??? its driveing me mad...


  Diemmess 15:39 30 Apr 2006

An external HD like yours (once formatted) is usually picked up at once by any PC running 2000 or XP.

If you have an ordinary Desktop with either of those OSs why not try plugging your new gear into a USB port on that and see what shows?

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