HDD problem ?

  pce240v 20:26 08 Oct 2003

Bought a new PC (on ebay) with no OS.
On my old PC, I took out a HDD with XP pro and installed it in the new PC. Booted, and got into the CMOS, and the HDD was OK, but system won't boot any further. Any ideas ???

  woodchip 20:37 08 Oct 2003

Yes you need to format the drive and load the hardware Drivers for the new hardware including Motherboard. But if there is a drive already in the comp load windows on to that with the old drive plugs of the drive while you do it, then set the old drive as slave you can then get to your files docs etc

  pete-290318 20:39 08 Oct 2003

how far does it get before stalling and what is showing on screen when it stops?
have you checked that all cables are correctly connected and that bios is set to look for boot from hdd?
Bit more info needed

  pce240v 20:44 08 Oct 2003

Thanks, i'll try all thart and get back to you.
When it stops, it is a 'grey' screen with flashing curser in top left hand corner.

  DieSse 21:18 08 Oct 2003

It's not all that unlikely that a disk set up for a different system won't boot up. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

Woodchips advice is very sound.

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