HDD Problem

  Coaster3 15:22 29 Aug 2003

Just recently my computer has been slowing down. Then a couple of mornings ago, I got a message 'Disk Boot Failure'.

I though that the problem was with the C Drive so I decided to re-install windows (XP Pro). I found that, no matter what I did, I could not boot from the CD.

I noticed that, on start up, the machine was not finding my D Drive (I have two 40 gig disks). I disconnected the D Drive and the machine started normally with no problem. I was also able to start from CD Rom in order to format the replacement D drive.

The actual problem is solved but I am at a loss to know why, if the fault was with the D Drive, I couldn't boot from the C Drive or from CD.

The faulty drive was a 40 gig Seagate U Series 5 with a date code of 0140. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who might have an idea of the problem.

Incidentally, I put the faulty drive into another machine and found that it would not boot either.

  woodchip 15:34 29 Aug 2003

Try getting a win98se boot disc from click here start with the disc and at A:\>type FDISK/MBR as it looks like the master boot record on the drive as got corrupted or there may be a virus in the boot sector. This is for Fat32

  Coaster3 15:44 29 Aug 2003

Thanks, but both disks were formatted to NTFS standard. With the faulty drive set up as Drive D I cannot boot from anything including A.


  woodchip 15:50 29 Aug 2003

Can you get to safe mode

  Coaster3 15:51 29 Aug 2003

No, can't get past the opening screen.

  woodchip 15:53 29 Aug 2003

PS if you had a faulty D:\ drive it could stop it running as will look to make sure that both drives are as they should be. Is it working OK now with the new D:\ drive

  Rayuk 15:55 29 Aug 2003

You mean it wont boot with the A: drive even when you have boot order Floppy Hard drive cdrom etc??

  Coaster3 15:56 29 Aug 2003

Yes, with the new D Drive in place there's no problem at all. I would like to recover some data from the old drive as I had some of my old vinyls saved on there but it's not critical.

  Coaster3 15:57 29 Aug 2003

I'd be a bit miffed if it was a virus as I have just paid Norton for a further year of AV.

  woodchip 16:00 29 Aug 2003

Download Seatools from hear click here put on floppy disc and start to see what it comes up with. have you tried with just the drive set as master and booted the comp with WinXP disc in to see if it would format. but obviously you will not want to do that only as a last resort

  NICK ADSL UK 16:02 29 Aug 2003

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