HDD only part of it being used ?

  [DELETED] 10:54 10 May 2006

hi, old win95 pc which had a 4gb HDD, changed the drive to 40gb and made it win98, it is now all up and running, but, if i click "c" drive and properties it tells me it is 8gb, I have tried to find out why, all i can find is about partitions, can i tell if mine is all one, or is there another way to tell how large the HDD is..


  [DELETED] 11:00 10 May 2006

click here Third paragraph. Looks like your bios has an 8gb limit.

  [DELETED] 11:08 10 May 2006

thanks for that, that is what it must be, the PC is well old, an old compaq 4526, in fact the second one i ever got, only doing all this so when the grandkids come over and want to chat to their mates they done mess up my laptop.

thanks again..

  [DELETED] 11:08 10 May 2006

If this is the problem and it certainly could be, you may be able to update the BIOS to resolve it providing of course there is a BIOS update to resolve this problem. Updating the BIOS is in my opinion at least not for the faint hearted as if you do it wrong it can make the motherboard unusable.
I have updated the BIOS 3 times over the years on different computers and haven't had a problem but I was positive for one thing what motherboard I had as I had built it myself and had the manual and therefore was certain I had the right BIOS update.
It is essential that if you want to try this that you correctly identify the motherboard, if you flash the BIOS with the wrong file you may corrupt it making it unusable. I'm not trying to put you off if you want to consider it, it is fairly easy but you must have the right file. Therefore you must be sure what motherboard you have.

  [DELETED] 11:11 10 May 2006

I'd thought of a bios update, but with a machine this old its going to be difficult to identify the right file as Totally-braindead has said.

The other option is to get some partitioning software that will work with Win98 and create five 8gb partitions.

  [DELETED] 11:12 10 May 2006

Why not just split the drive into 8GB 'slices' [seems safer to me that updating a BIOS ;o)



  [DELETED] 11:12 10 May 2006

I had a look and couldn't see a Bios update for your PC on the Compaq website so you may be stuck anyway.

  [DELETED] 11:14 10 May 2006

Thats an idea I never thought of, yes he could do that couldn't he, split it I mean. But is it worth it? What would a program cost £40? I personally think its better just leaving it as is.

  [DELETED] 11:24 10 May 2006

Normally a 40Gb hard drive would not start on a machine with a 8.4Gb bios limitation.

It may be worth finding the make and model of the hard drive. You will probably find that it is restricted because of either 2 things

a) it has a 8Gb limitation jumper set on it. if the jumper is removed, either the system will report no hard drive or you will have 40Gb ( 37.4 )

b) it has been partitioned in another computer and the remainder of the disk has not been enabled. If you enter fdisk and pick option 4, this would tell you how much of the hard drive is allocated ( I guess around 20% )

  [DELETED] 11:30 10 May 2006

Free trial of Partition Magic 8 [not sure of limitations]
click here
Partition Manager [Freeware] click here



  [DELETED] 13:16 10 May 2006

thanks for the extra replies, i dont mind messing with it, just do not want to reformat it again, I had so much trouble getting it going, and as my better half says "why can you not just leave it alone" i will take the case of and see what drive i have put in, I know it is a seagate......

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