HDD not there (or at least I don;t think so??)

  LeedsLass 14:36 18 Jun 2005

For those that don't know, I'm in the middle of my first ever PC build.

I have fitted the processor, fan, heatsink & graphics card to the MB. I have fitted the MB into the case. I have added a DVD Writer and a DVD ROM. I then put the SATA drives in and plugged the power into them and plugged them into the MB.

I then switched it all on. I got one bleep, and then the MB details came up on the screen followed by this

"reboot and select proper device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

Now I was led to believe that after the MB screen I should get something up that, at least, recognises/acknowledges the HDDs are there. But nothing.

Is this right with SATA drives? I didn't think it would be that hard to get something wrong with SATA drives, one lead to power and one lead to SATA connection on MB - that's it isn't it?

  AndySD 14:43 18 Jun 2005

What is the MoBo make and model. As you may have to load (or enable) the RAID drivers.

  bremner 14:46 18 Jun 2005

You have no data on the drive so the machine can not boot.

First ensure that you have the SATA Raid driver on a floppy disk fpr your motherboard.

You will find this on the CD that came with the motherboard - extarct it to a floppy.

Then put your XP disk in the CD/DVD drive - ensure the BIOS is set to boot first from the CD then fire up the machine. The XP disk will boot the machine. You will see a screen where at the bottom it says press F6 to load third party drivers - do so.

When prompted put in the floppy then proceed to load windows.

  LeedsLass 14:46 18 Jun 2005


  LeedsLass 14:47 18 Jun 2005


  LeedsLass 14:49 18 Jun 2005

@Bremnar: I havent got floppy but have 2 dvd drives

  AndySD 14:53 18 Jun 2005

click here may help

  bremner 14:59 18 Jun 2005

Unfortunatley XP only accepts a floppy when you press F6 - the only other way I know is to slipstream the drivers onto an XP disks.

have you access to an external floppy or an internal you can use simply for this purpose?

Hopefully soemone else will have an idea.

  AndySD 15:01 18 Jun 2005

click here may be better but how to install the raid drivers should be in the back of the manual.

  Joe R 15:01 18 Jun 2005


Depending on how recent your bios is, you may not even be asked for a Sata driver.

I would suggest booting to your windows cd, and see if it gives you the option to partition/format your H/D.

  bremner 15:16 18 Jun 2005

I think you will find the install of the SATA driver is not a BIOS issue it is a Windows issue - Windows has to have a driver installed to see the SATA drive.

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