HDD Not Recognised in Bios and During Windows Set

  precrown 13:56 28 Jan 2010

Mesh Matrix A64 3200+
Asus Kv8 Deluxe Motherboard
Single Maxtor 160GB HDD (replaced from new).

After problems with the computer running slow and erratically also without sound in the part ten days I decided to re-install windows from the Mesh OEM recovery CD.

I cannot get into Windows set up without the error message that no HDD were found. Also in the Bios the Primary IDE is shown 'Not Detected'. The HDD continues to work in Windows XP and has been error checked.

I have checked the HDD Sata and Power cables are connected/reconnected. All seems Ok. Bios has been up dated with no improvement. Also loaded Asus drivers via boot disc for SATA controllers.

I cannot think what other solution to try, ay suggestions please?

Before all the problems occured with slow erratic behaviour and no sound, I tried replacing memory (since the new memory did not work re-insterted the old memory). Also installed Norton Internet Security and checked Creative sound card drivers.

  james105051 14:55 28 Jan 2010

As you have updated your BIOS I suspect it has reset to "Defaults".

You will have to enter your BIOS at boot up, and change the setting from IDE to Sata, I think this is under the "Advanced" section of the BIOS, not forgetting to F10 out to save the changes.

  precrown 16:04 28 Jan 2010

Yes, james. I noticed that they had been reset.

I have changed it to the 'Sata' option. Save and Exit.

  precrown 12:52 29 Jan 2010

The use of the correct ASUS controllers was the problem apparently I have noe been able to get into WinXP Set-Up and start to reinstall Windows.

ASUS descriptions (and their manual for the Kv8 Deluxe m/board) are rather confusing!

My method to get set up to recognise my single (non-RAID) HDD was as follows...

Make sure that your SATA cable is connected to the ‘SATA1’ connector on the Kv8 Deluxe motherboard and that you use the following settings in the BIOS:

BIOS ‘Advanced’ Section
OnChip SATA Boot ROM [Enable] see note*
OnBoard Promise Controller [Disable]
OnBoard LAN [Enable]
OnBoard LAN Boot ROM [Disable]

(*uses VIA SATA and runs through Southbridge)

When booting from OS set-up CD, at the start, a message appears at bottom of the screen asking you to press F6 if you want to load any third party drivers (in this case the drivers for the SATA HD).

Download the VIA VT6420 (VT8237) SATA RAID Driver Package “VIA RAID v.2.20D zip” (7.1mb) from the ASUS site. Although it is called RAID it contains other SATA drivers. Run the MakeDisk.exe from the DriverDisk folder. This is for the non-promise drivers (to install a single SATA HD and not use two SATAs with RAID).

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