hdd not recognised

  spec 14:24 13 Jul 2009

Seems my hard drive has been infected. It will boot but the OS won't recocognise the hard drive. Tried to reinstall Windows, tried Safe Mode and even DBAN. All to no avail. Any ideas please?

Thank you

  bremner 16:33 13 Jul 2009

Can you clarify.

When you say it boots how far does it get i.e do you see a Windows splash screen or do you just get a message saying no OS found?

It is not a case of the OS recognising the hard drive it is the other way around. The master boot record on the hard drive has to find a bootable partition containing an OS.

  spec 20:47 13 Jul 2009

I never thought of that bremmer. I get the option at start up of which to boot from (hard drive, CD, floppy, etc). When I click on HD it (normally) displays the HD detail but not with the other drive. It isn't dislplayed in the bois either. If it's the reverse as you say, what can be done?

many thanks

  DieSse 21:09 13 Jul 2009

"It isn't dislplayed in the bois either"

Then you have a hardware issue.

The drive or it's cabling may have failed.

Have you changed anything in the BIOS or on the drive?

  DieSse 21:10 13 Jul 2009

PS - non recognition by the BIOS cannot be caused by anything on the drive itself - virus or whatever.

  spec 10:59 14 Jul 2009

OK mate, I'll give them a thorough check

  spec 12:17 14 Jul 2009

I can't see anything (physically) wrong with the drive or ribbons etc. I have mailed the company I purchased it from a few weeks ago for any suggestions. Will write further when I hear from them.


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