Hdd not recognised

  harps1h 22:38 21 Oct 2004

i have a friend who installed a second hdd. initially he set it as slave with the jumpers but when he looked at my computer it was not there. he then tried it on cable select and the same thing happened. on both occassions he said that it was in his device manager and showed in his bios as a secondary disk, but it refuses to show up on his "my computer". he doesn't think it is formatted. i suggested it may need that done for the computer cto allocates it a drive letter. has anyone any other suggestions



  Night Ryder 22:59 21 Oct 2004

New drive will be seen in BIOS but must be partitioned and formatted before the Op system will see it. What Op system are you using?

  harps1h 23:05 21 Oct 2004

it's not mine and i believe it is xp. however i have told him this, but he holds a degree in computers and thinks he knows it all. however you and i both know that experience is a better teacher.

i have already mailed him to tell him to format so i'll have to wait and see

  Night Ryder 23:44 21 Oct 2004

If the op system is Windows XP and a new drive is attached here's what to do.

Right click on "My computer" and select "Manage" then "Disk Management". At this point the system will recognise that there is an unpreped drive attached and throw up a requester asking how you wish to partition and format. From here just follow the prompts.

  harps1h 09:54 22 Oct 2004

you don't necessarily need to put on an os when it is partitioned?

  georgemac 10:52 22 Oct 2004

no - there is no need for an os on the 2nd drive - you can partition it anyway you want, best to format it the same as the primary drive though - should be NTFS

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