HDD model doesn't match

  JayCrowley 13:20 13 Aug 2014

Hi, After purchasing a replacement HDD from amazon, to replace one of the HDDs in my 500GB RAID 1 mirror array which died, I installed yesterday only to find a strange problem: It seems to be the wrong HDD. Instead of a WD 500GB model, it seems to be a WD 40GB model. Fine I thought, amazon have maybe sent me the wrong model. I took it out again to check, but the actual model on the HDD case itself is the 500GB one that I ordered! So, basically my question is this: has there just been an issue with the labelling at WD? Or is there a technical reason present that means the computer might be seeing the wrong model? I admit, the second one seems unlikely, but I was just so surprised that WD could label one HDD as another. Have I just been unlucky?

  JayCrowley 14:04 13 Aug 2014

Yeah, sorry, I didn't explain: Both the Disk Management on Windows7, and the BIOS menu itself, are reporting that the HDD is a WD400AB, whereas on the disk itself the label says it's a WD5000AK, which is what I ordered

  BRYNIT 14:56 13 Aug 2014

You could download from the WD site a small program called Life guard CLICK HERE this will tell you the actual model number, serial number and size of the drive. You can then check the details against the label.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:17 13 Aug 2014

"Both the Disk Management on Windows7, and the BIOS menu itself, are reporting that the HDD is a WD400AB..."

That, and what you initially discovered, proves it's a 40GB drive with the wrong label on it. Amazon have an excellent no-quibble returns policy so send it back. You can either run the risk of asking for a replacement but you may get another mis-labelled drive. Or, ask for a refund and buy from someone else on this occasion.

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