HDD - Mix SATA and IDE problem.

  derekmiles 11:41 01 Mar 2010

I have a Sata HD 80 set up as Number 1 or Master.
This has all my Win XP Pro and associated files on it but no programmes yet. I want to start afresh because of software problems that just cannot be found on my old setup. (All the pros have had a go without success).
Having now got the Sata going and everything is working great, I want to put an IDE 160 in as Slave which is clean and empty.I then want to Transfer/Copy everything from the Sata to this Slave clean HD 160.
Once I've sorted that out, I want to set up the IDE Slave as Master and start re-loading bit by bit all the software - testing as I go.

My problem is that I cannot get my two drive's setup to work. The Sata on its own works Ok. I add the IDE slave, switch on and I get unintelligent screens ? PLEASE HELP. Kindest regards Derek Miles.

  chub_tor 12:19 01 Mar 2010

Having read a few web pages on mixing sata and ide (via google) it seems to be a consensus that your best bet is to temporarily house your IDE drive in an external usb caddy, copy everything over to it, then transfer it back into your PC. It does seem that some configurations have problems when SATA and IDE hard drives are mixed on the same machine.

  derekmiles 15:01 01 Mar 2010

Thank you Chub for taking such interest, I'll keep what you suggest before me.
However, before buying a caddy, I would like to hear some confirmations that this could solve the problem. Thanks again and my kindest regards Derek Miles.

  GaT7 15:35 01 Mar 2010

Connect the IDE drive only, then install XP on this. Do all the critical & necessary updates via Win Update click here & install hardware drivers if necessary.

Once the above is completed & you have stable system, connect the SATA drive.

Just after connecting the SATA drive & starting up for the 1st time, go into your motherboard's BIOS to check that the IDE drive is indeed the 1st boot device. If not, change it to the IDE one, save changes & reboot.

Then once in XP, you can go about transferring & reloading all your data, programs etc from the SATA drive. G

  T0SH 15:37 01 Mar 2010

With lots of systems bootable IDE drives are given first boot priority by Bios, so if you choose to mix and match IDE and SATA try setting the IDE drives to "Not Detected" (or words to this effect) in Bios Setup this should allow booting from Sata, from the Windows desktop you will still be able to see and access the IDE drives

Cheers HC

  derekmiles 09:30 02 Mar 2010

Many thanks especially to HC. I have followed your advice Tosh and I'm having success up to a point.
I have got to the stage whereby I am Drag and Dropping from the Sata to the IDE slave all the programmes so far. I have got to the Windows itself and managed to transfer everything apart from the System 32 files and just a few files in that folder don't seem willing to leave home
(being in use by another...etc).
Certainly I have my original XP Pro disc (upgrade) and was wondering if I made my revised Slave the master, loaded the genuine XP CD and went in for a repair if that was possible ?

I hope I'm not getting 'over the top' for some readers in that my writings maybe slightly converluted being 79 !

Thank you everyone.

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