HDD Master and Slave - IDE cable connections

  powerless 11:17 14 Mar 2003

Never installed a hard drive before.

Want to add an old HDD to the new(ish) system.

I know about the jumpers, to master and slave, i can do that.

But the IDE cable has two connectors, does it matter which HDD goes to which connector? (1 to the mobo - then 1 in the middle of the cable with the final connector one at the end)

Can they go in any order?

  DieSse 11:22 14 Mar 2003

If you've set the jumpers to Master and Slave - then it makes no difference as to which connector they use.

If there is only one drive, it should go on the end connector, for electrical noise minimisation.

If the drives are set to cable Select with the jumpers - AND an 80 wire cable is used - then the positions do matter - the motherboard should be at the end with the "long" section of cable - the master at the end with the "Short" section of cable, and the slave drive in the middle. In this case it's where they are on the cable that determines which is master and which is Slave.

  DieSse 11:25 14 Mar 2003

One minor correction - when using an 80-wire cable, then the end on the "long" section MUST go on the motherboard. There is an unconnected pin which signals to the motherboard, and it only works correctly if the cable is the correct way round.

  powerless 13:06 14 Mar 2003

Thanks, all done now...

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