HDD Malfunction

  Noel Nqabeni-251460 13:53 08 Mar 2003

Recently I tried to add a new 20GB HDD to my Windows 98 pentium (r) Compaq Deskpro 4000 machine,which already had a storage unit of 2GB HDD.

THE PROBLEM IS : i made a mistake by making the 20GB HDD a slave to the 2GB HDD,now the system board does not respond when i switch on the computer,the screen just remains blank.WHEN I remove the Heatsinker to check if there is any power getting to the processor,it feels steel cold,and also the 2GB HDD makes a lot of noise and fails to BOOT / RESPOND when i try to
open it from another machine or when it's a slave to another HDD.

Thank you

Noel Simela


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  BlueMeanie 18:29 08 Mar 2003


You may have disturbed a connection on the Deskpro 4000. Try reseating all the connectors and add-on cards. ie remove them and then replace them. Are any of the fans running ?

Perhaps try running the PC without any Hard Drive connected - does the PC now power up?

  freakbrothers 18:42 08 Mar 2003


Also check your hard drives.
Check the cabling, and ensure that the master and slave connectors are correctly fitted.

Check the Jumper setting on the Hard drive (near power connector on HD, many little pins..)
Make sure they are set accordingly, as well as the cabling attachments.

Also, check ure bios is reporting the correct settings for the HD.

Have you got a bootup disk?

  Noel Nqabeni-251460 04:47 09 Mar 2003

Thanx Guys!
There is a little bit of improvement,the PC POWER naturally without the Hardd drives on!
when i try it with the 2GB Hardrive on and the Win98 Boot disk,it loads Win98 and stops halfway and then the HDD STARTS MAKING ALOT OF NOISE,then the screen black outs leaving only the explorer control running!

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