HDD makes clinking sound normal? (recording inc)

  JackoThe1st 12:08 12 Sep 2015

Hi gang,

I'm very new to desktop computing (two days) but I'm fairly certain I've never head an HDD make quite this sound before, having listened and watched a bunch of YT vids on normal and abnormal noises. It's a high pitched mechanical scraping noise that happens every now and again, maybe a few times a minute or sometimes every 30 mins or so whether I'm running programs or just idle. It's a Seagate Barracuda Sata III 1TB HDD.

I've recorded a couple of clips. You can hear it well enough over the fans (and washing machine!) but I can remove HDD from case and re-record if needed.

First clip is HDD being mostly idle, occasionally I click the start and stop button within 'HD Tune', not exactly sure what that does? It's a 20 min recording edited down to one minute so the noise doesn't ocuur anywhere near as frequently as what you can hear!

click here clip is doing a 'quick error scan' using same program. Sounds like normal seeking sounds but then the noise comes back after the scan is finished and I begin to play a YouTube vid. The suspect sound you hear is NOT coming from the video.

click here much appreciate it if someone could take a listen and give me a verdict, thanks. Hopefully the links work.

Second I'd

  BRYNIT 22:09 12 Sep 2015

Would have been better without the background noise. It does sound like a seeking noise but IMO It shouldn't be that loud. It's a possibility the hard drive could be failing, I would backup all files to an external and create an system image of the drive just in case.

  JackoThe1st 22:40 12 Sep 2015

Well it's brand new so it has no files on it anyway. Should i just RMA it do you think?

  JackoThe1st 22:45 12 Sep 2015

I ran the Seagate Tools diagnostics on it and it passed the tests. At no point during the tests did it make the noise, it just sounded like a normal working hard drive. It only seems to make the clinky sound when it's idle.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:06 13 Sep 2015

Jacko, that sounds OK to me. Some hard drives do make that noise and the internal characteristics of the PC case may be amplifying it. If its performance seems fine then don't worry about it. If you want a second opinion about the drive's general health then post a screenshot of its SMART data.

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