HDD Jogging Not Running !!!

  CutNpaste 17:07 06 Dec 2004

Hi everybody,

Just recently i bought a HDD (120GB Maxtor, 7200 2MB cache).
I installed XP and it just runs slow. No ur probably thinking its becaise the cache is only 2mb, but the funny thing is that i have another HDD which is a 40GB and same spec (2 Years old) and that one is running at a reasonable speed.

Could it be the HDD losig its life so soon or could it be the IDE cable (one IDE cable conected to both hdd primary and secondary).

Plz give some advise !!!!

  Dorsai 17:21 06 Dec 2004

I am assuming the new drive is on the same cable as the older 40gig one, and not on the same cable as your CDrom, as that is what your post implies.

The new drive could be defective, unlikely, but by no means impossable.

Is the old drive ATA66, and the new drive ATA100? if so the new drive will only run at the slower ATA66 speed. If the new disk is on the same cable as a CD/dvd it will probably be running at ATA33 speed. Perhaps you accidently put in on the wrong cable. EAsy enough to do considering the amount of wiring inside many PC's.

otherwise this is really just a bump.

  CutNpaste 18:22 07 Dec 2004

No my other HDD is a ATA 133 and so is the new one. Basically i had the same HDD before and it run very well (at a good speed). Now nothings changed apart from fitting the new HDD and i'm getting problems.

PLZ Help..

  Dorsai 19:09 07 Dec 2004

I am not too sure, but think you have put the new drive in as the master, IE. boot drive, and put Xp on it?


And that you have taken the old drive, that you used to have Win on, and put is as the slave?

I am struggling to think of what to suggest.

Perhaps take out the old drive, leaving in the new HDD, the master. See what happens?

But i have to ask a qualifying question or two:

"why do you think it is slow?"

"What is it doing, or not doing, that is different from before you put the new HDD in?"

Sorry, not too much help.

I strongly suggest that you double check your cables. It is sooooo easy to accidently plug the bits in wrong. And putting a CD drive on the same IDE cable as an ATA133 HDD will drag the HDD down to ATA33..Been there, Done that. D'Oh.

  CutNpaste 10:23 08 Dec 2004

Basically loading a program takes 3 times as long as my previous one and the Second HDD. I got the diagnostics tools yesterday called 'Powermax' (dos based) and tested the HDD and every thing was fine.
Also i dont think its the cable, because if its a doggy cable then it would do the same with the other HDD but its not.
Can't think of a solution other than returning it to the manufacturer.
Even they say its unlikely that its a problem with my HDD, rather they say its most probably my system.
I'm thinking shall i just move on to SATA...
Help plzz....

  Diodorus Siculus 10:32 08 Dec 2004

Returning it may not get you very far because they will do their diagnostics and tell you that it is fine. :-(

How about a reinstall of Windows on it from clean? Using your diagnostics tool, try a low level format and install windows and see how it goes.

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