HDD IDE or SCSI. Newby

  Ghloria 22:39 30 Jan 2003

Adding a 2nd hdd do I need a ide or scsci. It's not the 2.5" I need is it...System is 300hz, 48mb ram, 48 gig hdd.

  Squall 23:04 30 Jan 2003

Shooting in the dark abit here because you have not provided much info regarding your system, and the reasons for the second disk.

If you just want more storage because your first disk is filling up then I would recommend that you stick with IDE, which is what I am guessing your system has in it at the minute. Its fairly easy to add a second IDE drive, just open the case, screw it in and attach it to your IDE cable. (Your cable may also need replacing if it does not have a spare port on it, they are dirt cheap to get)

Adding a SCSI would be a lot more difficult, as you would have to get a SCSI card first of all to attach the drive to. Also SCSI drives are a lot more expensive than IDE drives, and for normal everyday useage the performance boost is not worth the extra cost in my opinion.

  Ghloria 23:12 30 Jan 2003

Thank you


  Legolas 23:32 30 Jan 2003

If you just want more storage IDE is OK SCSI drives are faster but more expensive and you might need one if you were working with large files such as digital photography, music files or video editing but for ordinary tasks IDE is a cheaper and sufficent HDD.

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