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  johndrew 14:29 10 Mar 2007

I was forced to re-format my second drive as a result of it becoming corrupt. However, having deleted the partition and carrying out a format the HDD icon has changed from the usual, flat HDD icon to the DVD/CD type with a disc standing on the top.

I tried deleting and formatting again but this had no effect.

Whilst it is unlikely to affect the function of the drive/partition it would be nice to get the original icon back. Has anyone any idea of how this is done, please?

Thanks in anticipation.

  GaT7 16:37 10 Mar 2007

Try Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types. Highlight '(NONE) Drive', then click on Advanced > Change Icon. Make your selection & click on OK, OK. Hopefully all HDD icons will appear as they should.

Failing which try the free ActivIcons click here. If you need help using it to change the HDD icon, just ask. G

  johndrew 17:04 10 Mar 2007

Thanks for coming back.

I did as you suggested (Control Panel > Folder Options ..) and found that I was locked out of both drives (and all partitions). I re-started the PC in case it needed that but the effect was still there.

I have now recovered to an `accessible` situation by using System Restore. Seems that either something else is broken or these icons don`t like that way of doing things.

After the above experience I am wary of trying anything else so I think ActivIcons is out especially as McAfee doesn`t like the site!!!

I am still open to other suggestions if anyone has any that wont make matters worse.

  GaT7 17:14 10 Mar 2007

I'm not sure what you mean about McAfee not liking the site. I'm using McAfee SiteAdvisor & it comes up with nothing untoward (click here).

Anyway if you change your mind....

Open/Explore My Computer.

Open ActivIcons & click on Directories in the list. Select the drive you want to change, then click on Change Icon. Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32 & click on shell32.dll. Then in the right pane make your selection & click on Open. This will change it to the one you selected.

Refresh the My Computer window & check to see if the affected HDD's icon has changed. If you're satisfied with the change, shut down ActivIcons. If not, repeat the process above till you've selected/changed it to the desired one. G

P.S. To be on the safe side, set a system restore point before making any changes

  johndrew 17:27 10 Mar 2007

What I meant was the download site click here the first option wasn`t available so I went to the second and got this. I`ll have a look at the third and if it`s OK I`ll download and think about having another trauma!!!

I`ll let you know either way, but right now I`m quite nervous of trying anything else in case it makes matters worse. Do you know how/where a drive/partition keeps or selects its icon? Probably a Registry change and that would be very wearing!!!

Thanks again for your help.

  GaT7 18:44 10 Mar 2007

'Do you know how/where a drive/partition keeps or selects its icon?'

They're contained in files (exe, dll, ico to name a few file types) - in this case they're in the shell32.dll file mentioned in my 2nd post.

You'll be making a very small change which shouldn't create any new problems. The SR point will undo anything that goes amiss. I've used the program several times with no problem.

ActivIcons can be downloaded from click here as well. G

  johndrew 14:13 11 Mar 2007

After my rather bad experience yesterday when I tried your first option (Control Panel > Folder Options ..) and found the most undesirable message telling me that none of the drives was accessible,and then seeing the McAfee `warning` for the second download site, I was close to not doing anything about changing the icon.

However I have bucked up courage (why should I capitulate to a machine?) and used ActiveIcons following your instructions. I was as easy as you said it would be and I now have a `drive` icon instead of the DVD/CD icon that appeared from nowhere and for no reason I can understand.

As you may have gathered, my knowledge of PCs is not that good. I am able to offer limited help/suggestions to some but when it comes to anything complex I hold my hands up.

Many thanks again for your advice and support in resolving this (for you) minor problem. I promise I do put all this information away for future use as part of the learning process - whether I shall be able to find it come the end of the week though......!!!!

  GaT7 21:18 11 Mar 2007

Well done! I'm glad it worked : ) G

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