HDD has lost 18GB ??

  Morpheus? 17:04 03 Jan 2004

oh dear, my son has just been on the phone,i am not sure what he has done ]but he tried to uninstall a couple of programmes, anyway to cut a very long story short, he had to put in the start up disk, which then wanted the win98 CD, i dont know what he clicked on but the next thing the PC reformatted it's self :-(.. so he has lost everything, the question is, when he right clicks the C drive it say's it is 1.9GB instead of about 20gb, any idea why..got to sort this bit before we can move on...thanks

  spikeychris 17:16 03 Jan 2004

Only option from a third party view is to re-format and start again I'm afraid.

  Michendi 17:22 03 Jan 2004

Perhaps he hasn't lost everything. From what you say it sounds like he has partitioned the disk into 2 partitions rather than having reformatted the whole disk. Partitioning and formatting can look very similar to an inexperienced person. This would be a logical reason as to why he now sees 1.9Gb - it may not be the whole physical disk but just the logical partition. An easy test to check this is to shutdown and then reboot. If the PC reboots from the hard disk then it has not been reformatted.

  DieSse 17:29 03 Jan 2004

If the partition sizes have changed, then he's lost everything.

It needs to be Fdisked to get back the correct aprttion sizes, then formatted - then set up again.

  Morpheus? 17:30 03 Jan 2004

thank you both, just on the phone to him now.

  BlueMeanie 18:29 03 Jan 2004

When he FDISK's, he needs to reply YES to the first question about the PC having a large drive.

If he replies NO then the disk will be limited to the 2GB that he appears to have.

PS- FDISK will destoy the entire contents (if any)held on the Hard Drive.

  Morpheus? 19:13 03 Jan 2004

hi again, we have a message come up which says, words to the effect of..

drive C contains one or more compressed drives, unmount all the compressed drives before formatting..

could someone please tell us how, we are lost.


  spikeychris 19:23 03 Jan 2004

Thats file compression for you. Use fdisk to remove all partitions from the drive. Reboot and run fdisk
again to make sure the partitions are gone. Then create a new partition
with fdisk, make sure it is a primary DOS partition and that you set it as

  Morpheus? 19:39 03 Jan 2004

Thanks,but, we are at the..

create dos partition or logical dos drive.

set active partition

delete partition or logical dos drive

display information.


we click the first one, which gives us 4 more options, we click the first one again..

and we get ...primary dos partition already exists.........


  spikeychris 19:50 03 Jan 2004

Have you already deleted the partition and recreated it? if so format.

  Mango Grummit 20:01 03 Jan 2004

Hello there Morpheus? , now I hope not to appear nasty or abrupt here but there have been so many threads on this that I believe you have not searched the PCA "Search Facility" or "Google" (where most of the answers come from anyway) --

Start with a PCA search (you may have to configure the words more precisely than our would expect) then go to Google with same query./

If no success then post to my envelope but I know you won't have to.


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