HDD Gone walkies

  Gugs 17:06 06 Jul 2003

Windows 98SE. My second HDD(Seagate), slave, storage only, containing data was available/used before close but there was no sign of it anywhere next boot.
Have tried change of Eide cable, swapping connections from CD drive, power & eide, and hsve even tried another master HDD but it's still just sitting there probably laughing at me .
Any ideas please?


  woodchip 17:17 06 Jul 2003

Have a look in bios and do an auto detect it's better than just choosing auto

  woodchip 17:19 06 Jul 2003

PS some new ribbon cables can be faulty try another one

  bab5 17:35 06 Jul 2003

try asking a mate to stick it in his/her's PC if you dont have a spare one just to make sure it's not died on you.


  xania 17:42 06 Jul 2003

Also check your power cable. It may have worked loose. Finally, remove the primary HDD, change the jumper on the 2nd HDD to master and connect it in place of your exisiting master to see if its seen (of course it probably won't boot). If not, you may well find that the HDD has not gones walkies - its died.

  madPentium 17:51 06 Jul 2003

You actually say it is a slave, but usually these days this isnt the configuration. Most people have the second hard drive on ide2 as the master. Are you certain it is set as slave on ide1?
I have only had this happen once in the last ten years, but has the jumper fallen off the back of the hard drive?.
Disconnect all other drives, primary master and any cd drives and only leave the suspect drive plugged in (power only remove the ribbon).
When you switch on the pc can you hear the hard drive whirr into life and make clicking sounds?

  Gugs 23:49 07 Jul 2003

Thanks for help x you're right it was the final long walk. R.I.P.

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