'Hdd is full' error message

  Suzysue 23:20 10 Apr 2017

Please help:

I am trying to copy clips off video tapes onto a new 4tb expansion drive (rather than a dvd) via my laptop via a CSL Video grabber. However everytime I try and record any clip this customised software 'honestech' tells me the 'hdd is full' .

I can record fine onto my 2tb seagate expansion drive but due to the amount of clips I need to copy, I purchased a 4tb seagate drive but got this 'hdd is full' message straight away even though that drive was empty. So I took that seagate drive back to the store and swapped it for a 'My Passport - western digital' 4tb expansion drive. Sadly again I got this 'Hdd is full' message.

Please advise how I can record onto my expansion drive.

I have emptied recycle bin and am just doing a disk cleanup and defrag but I think it's something more than this that needs doing.

  beeuuem~2 02:06 11 Apr 2017

It depends on how your laptop is set up. Basically, Windows won't support a drive of more than 2Tb unless you use GPT (GUID partition table) instead of the MBR system (Master Boot Record) click here for a fuller explanation.

If your laptop uses the MBR option, which sounds likely as the 2TB drive works properly, the simplest solution is to split the external drive into two partitions of not more than 2TB.

  Suzysue 02:14 11 Apr 2017

Thank you. That sounds like a credible suggestion.

My aim is to fill up this external expansion drive with photos and videos and music etc. Would splitting it into two partitions cause any problems?

Can i create and then remove the partition later once I've finished my video tape conversion project? Or is it on there for good and are there any downsides to having a partition?

Lastly how do I create a partition?

Thank you

  alanrwood 10:00 11 Apr 2017

Yes, Yes to your first two questions.

You can create new partitions using free partitioning software such as Easeus Partition Master (Free) or several others of similar ilk. It is not difficult especially with a new disk. Give it a try and get back if you have any problems.

  beeuuem~2 15:00 11 Apr 2017

Splitting the 4Tb drive into two partitions wouldn't cause any problems. I have a 3TB external drive with three partitions, for the same reason as you, that Windows won't see 3TB.

There is no particular downside to having partitions. The partitions merely will show as separate disks in 'My Computer'. On a purely personal level I have my operating systems on individual partitions ( I have XP, W7 and W10) and all data, Music, Video, Pictures, My Documents on their own partitions.

You will have to keep the partitions, if you increase the size you are back to your original problem, Windows won't see the full disk.

There are several free partitioning tools available as alanrwood says. Minitool click here is one that I prefer to use when needed. Others are available !! click here luck - if you need any help -just ask.


  Burn-it 15:42 11 Apr 2017

You also need to check what Format was used for that drive. Many external/portable drives come ready formatted as FAT32, which was not designed for such large drives and may?? waste space if you have small files. Note: That is FAT32 NOT ExFAT which is fine.

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