HDD found in system devices but nowhere else

  kinger 21:07 28 Feb 2005

I have a HDD in an old PC but it isn't formatted properly, so I can't put a system recovery disk in to fix it as the disk is not found.

I formatted it using fdisk and format C which seemed to go OK, but still, my system recovery CD can't write to it.

So I have now put the HDD into a case and booted up my new PC. That can recognise the make and model of the drive in system devices but I can't format it as it dosn't appear in Disk Management in Windows XP.

Does anyone know how I can format it either in XP or with a Windows 98 start up diskette so that it can be written to?


  wobblymike 22:40 28 Feb 2005

I feel there are some fundamental errors in your description. Firstly if you format your drive by whatever method there is no point trying to use a recovery disc afterward because you have just formatted it and wiped out all the data that the recovery disc uses. All a recovery disc does is access a hidden partition on your hard drive and pick up a clone of your hard drive when it was pristine. A reformat wipes it therefore no data to recover.
My method of choice when formatting is to use the disc management utility for the manufacturer of my hard drive - this is quick and easy. E.G. If your hard drive is made by maxtor then you can use Maxblast which you can get from the maxtor site. This utility both partitions and formats in either FAT32 or NTFS - the latter being preferable in my view. Most other manufacturers use the same utility but give it their own name. Hope this helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 28 Feb 2005

Put in machine on own (no other HDD) saves problems.

Boot from win98 floppy

From a:\ prompt run fdisk

delete all partions

create 1 active partion


  Chegs ® 00:13 01 Mar 2005

You can either use the 98se boot floppy(following above)or the XP CD to format the hdd.With XP CD in drive,you go thru as if you are installing XP,it checks for other versions of Windows,finds your present version,and asks whether you want to install XP and where.You select the extra hdd,and it asks in what format you want the filesystem,pick either NTFS/FAT32,once its completed the format,restart the PC (having 1st removed XP CD)You should then find the newly formatted hdd as (*)Local Disk in win explorer( * will be D/E/F or whatever)

  kinger 17:42 01 Mar 2005

I got the recovery discs to restore in the end, Wobblymike.

My total restore system doesn't use a partition on the HDD, it relies on the CD's.

The problem seemed to be related to the fact that it was formatted in NTFS but DOS couldn't remove it to format it properly.

After all the trouble I went to to format it, in the end I put an old Windows XP disc in and went into repair mode.

It told me that the partitions were unreadable and did I want to format it.

I said yes, and let it do just that.

I let it install Windows XP.

I then put in my original recovery discs and, hey presto, it worked like a dream.

The recovery disc must have had trouble reading the HDD too.

I can now sell the thing, all up and running.

Thanks for your input, everyone.

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