HDD Format/Partition Problem.

  joethebow 01:03 05 Feb 2005

I'm running XP SP2. I have a 200G HDD on the primary IDE and an 80G HDD on the secondary. There are CD R/W and DVD R/W drives on the other IDE's

The 80G is partitioned at 10G and 67G and I am running windows on the 10G partition.

The 200G I have just emptied, apart from one .mpeg file that windows reports is not there and cannot be deleated?

The 200G shows up in the BIOS as 137M. If I sellect User I cannot access the data area to change this. I have tried Autodetect but it still shows as 137G

In Windows it shows up as 187G.

I want to make a 10G partition to run windows in and a 177G for data but windows will not let me either format or partition the disc. It still thinks it is the system disc (it used to be before I wiped it).

I even tried diskpart and format from the command prompt but these didn't work either.

There appears to be no Administrator Account on the computer but the only account there is is tagged Administrator.

I tried the Disk Management Tools in Computer Management but there is no partition option and the Format Command is greyed out.

If I get the thing partitioned I'll use Norton Ghost to copy the system from the other 10G partition and make the new 10G partition my main OS and keep the other just in case my main one fails.

So Please, how do I partition and format the disk?

If all else fails I could probably do a partial installation of XP from the floppies & CD, It should let me partition the disc. I'll try that in the morning if no one comes up with a better suggestion.

  wossie 02:36 05 Feb 2005

Why are you running windows from the 80G secondary disc. The best thing to do is set up the primary disc (C) 80Gb as master, and the 200G as slave using the jumper settings near the IDE pins at the back of the drive. Reinstall Windows XP, your drivers, and XP SP/2. Create a partition using ghost or ghost an image to a DVD and you can restore your drive from that. Use the 200G as storage. Try that and see how you get on. Might not be abe to reply, but best of luck.

  FelixTCat 10:35 05 Feb 2005

It sounds as though your BIOS cannot recognise a 200 GByte drive. Your mobo manufacturer's site may have a BIOS upgrade to address this.

Alternatively, if you go to the hdd manufacturer's website you will find a driver that will work between the BIOS and the drive so that the BIOS will recognise it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:42 05 Feb 2005

Any jumper on the "clip size" will affect BIOS reading.

(start > run > regedit <enter>) and go to the following folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Parameters there add a new key named "EnableBigLba" , type: "REG_DWORD" and "value 1" (excluding the quotes (")) now restart and your windows will see the true size

  dan11 13:02 05 Feb 2005

The fact that the bios only see's your 200Gig drive as a 137gig one, yet windows (sp2) does see the whole of it 187gig.

If it was me I would try two different approaches.

1) The first thing I would make sure is that they are no system files ( for windows) before you wipe the 200gig drive. If they are on this drive and you wipe it, then you may not be able to boot windows from the 80 gig drive. Turn the computer off and disconnect the IDE cable to the 200gig drive. Now see if the computer will boot to windows. If it will, all well and good.

It's just your comment of " It still thinks it is the system disc (it used to be before I wiped it). " makes me wonder if there is anything there important for windows to load.

2) a)Open my computer and open the C drive, is this the primary master 200 gig drive? Select tools > folder options > view and put a tick in the show hidden files and folders. Now scan the drive for any files there.

b)open virtual memory. Control panel > system > advanced > performance > advanced > virtual memory > change. Have a look at the 200gig drive. has it got a virtual memory setting? If it has post back with the details because virtual memory must be set to another drive before the settings are changed. If it is not then you may find that some pro grammes will not open.

c)On the desktop, right click the recycle bin and pick properties. Pick the 200gig drive, has it got a setting. If it has then set it to 0%.

When these three settings have been changed, you should be able to format and partition the drive in windows, prior to cloning the drive.

There should be no reason why you can not format and partition the drive, either through windows or from the system disk to prepare the drive for the cloning.

The only thing I am unsure about is the recognition of the full 187gig in the bios, as FelixTcat has mentioned, but the fact that sp2 does see it at it's right size i.e. 187 gig. ~~))

  joethebow 22:02 05 Feb 2005

Turns out that, as far as I can make out Windows doesn't like a drive bigger than 137MB as the primary drive.

I partitioned the drive into a 10G and a 177G drive. Installed Windows on the 10G drive and windows sees the 177G one OK. So all appears to be well.

In time I'll do a BIOS update on the motherboard but the thought of it frightens me as it's the one update that could wreck the motherboard if it goes wrong and knowing my luck...

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