HDD failure fourth this year! why? your thoughts

  lixdexik 14:46 18 Jul 2003

Hi this is the fourth time this year that my other ( main ) computer has trashed it's HDD. the use it is put to is undemanding, word docs, photos
and little else. No games, very light use altogether, yet it goes through HDDs like they are going out of fashion. could it be a MoBo problem? or a power problem? the MoBo is a jetway V266B with an Athlon 1600xp processor, 500meg ddram, 16 meg video card, one jetway Pci TV card,one IEDE HDD one IEDE cd rewriter and an IEDE cd rom. It is not connected to the internet and it is not networked, OS win xp pro.
Trashed Hdds include Samsung spinpoint 40 gig, a Fujitsu 40gig, a Western digital 40 gig and now a Maxtor 60 gig and all since January 2003. I had all the drives partitioned into 3 with Partition Magic 2002 Ie C drive for progs, F drive for Photos and G drive for personal files and work stuff, almost all of which is backed up except for the file I was working on when it went futt. What is the most likley cause for a HDD to crash.
where should I start.

  Confab 14:51 18 Jul 2003

What happends to your pc to make you think its a hard drive failier?

  Confab 14:52 18 Jul 2003

Should read failure

  Jester2K II 14:55 18 Jul 2003

Is it physical failure or does the data get corrupted?

Is your PC near any huge magnets or motors?

When you (or anyone hoovers) is the body of the hoover allowed anywhere near the tower? The magnetic fields generated by the motor could be to blame for data corruption.

Are these HDD all being replaced under warranty??

  Bodi 14:58 18 Jul 2003

have all the - er - "deceased" hard drives been connected to the same PSU?


  -pops- 15:00 18 Jul 2003

What happens when the drive fails? Does it just die or do you get some strange happenings. What?

It is unusual for a drive to fail by just suddenly stopping. For four to do this in a similar way is very unlikely indeed.

I am with Confab on this - I think there must be something else.

Have you checked these failed drives on another machine to confirm that they are as you surmise?

Can you get one of the disk manufacturers to check to try and determine just what has gone wrong? They should all be under warranty.


  Djohn 15:01 18 Jul 2003

It's very strange for four different makes of drive to fail in the same PC! The only related component I can think of is, PSU. If there is a fault with the power rating fed to the drive this would help to explain what is occurring. j.

  lixdexik 15:03 18 Jul 2003

The comp freezes and only the reset will get it going again, then when it restarts from the reset, it fails to boot unless you switch off the power completly. before it freezes you hear a few clicking noises from the drive and the red hdd indicator light stays on, it then continues to click and whirr till you press the reset. this has happened a few times with this drive, but now it will not boot.
This discreption only applies to this last crash with the Maxtor drive, other drives just failed to boot without warning and could not be reformated or accessed in any way.
Cheers Lixdexik.

  lixdexik 15:05 18 Jul 2003

I can't type fast enough here to keep up. thank you all for your comments.

Yes I had the drives checked at the shop I bought them from and they too could not make them work.

Cheers lixdexik.

  lixdexik 15:06 18 Jul 2003

Yes. all the same PSU

  woodchip 15:06 18 Jul 2003

Mobo does not say a lot. But I run a Seagate Barracuda 7200 . Are you just pulling the plug when you switch off.

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